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The latest figures say that 75 million people visited Spain in 2016 making this extra-ordinary kingdom one of the most popular destinations in the world. 

Spain has a population of 46 million (2016) but set to drop by 11% before 2050. Once a country of large families it is becoming a nation of people happy to be single.

Maybe Spain is so popular because of its  entertainment value or maybe its the guaranteed sunshine.

Total annual sunshine
In Eastern Spain Alicante has 97 clear days a year with 2864 hours of sunshine.
In The Balearic Isles, Ibiza has 98 clear days with 2732 hours of sunshine.
Then up in North Eastern Spain, Zaragoza has 80 clear days and 2614 hours of sunshine.
Across the other end of The Pyrenees in North Western Spain, Pontevedra has 93 clear days with 2223 hours of sunshine.
In Central Spain, Badajoz has a fabulous 106 clear days a year and 2830 hours of sunshine.
Down in Southern Spain, Huelva has an amazing 156 clear days a year and 2935 hours of sunshine.

Spain has so much to offer in the way of beaches, countryside, deserts, mountains, castles, beautiful squares, picturesque coves, secret fishing villages, so many romantic places, antiquity, history, glorious architecture, festivals, amazing people, great customs, varied entertainment, fabulous cuisine, ....... that a considerable amount of time needs to be spent here to get some kind of sense of what the word Spain means.
We suggest in our itinerary four, two weeks stays then take a deep breath and re-assess.
This a truly great and beautiful country with amazing friendly people, don't miss out by trying to rush the experience.

Spain - the country

Oh, and by the way don't forget !!!!!! In the old Chapter House, Valencia Cathedral is the Holy Chalice from which Christ is said to have poured wine at The Last Supper. Read More

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