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Spain offers a multitude of entertainment

Spain speaks eloquently to the visitor.

Listen to Spain's ancient streets, the peaceful squares, busy fascinating markets,  fearsome castles, atmospheric churches for perfect  days and nights sightseeing and exploring.

Today Spain is a destination for millions of tourists and this cultural phenomenon can be explained by the huge diversity of the land, scenery, monuments, entertainment and customs that exist in Spain. The independent regions have surprising differences. Spain has the highest road in Europe yet tropical crops thrive on low land less than an hour away. Areas of black forest cheek by jowl with deserts. Spain is abundant with mountains, high tablelands as against beautiful beaches and sea cliffs.

Spain is a country where the entertainment may be to ski in the morning and lie on the beach in the afternoon.

Cudillero, Asturias

Cudillero, Asturias
click image for Google maps
Cudillero is a small pleasing fishing village in Asturias which is crafted into the mountainside down to the sea. There are nine perfect beaches in this area.

Playa de Oleiros- Cudillero

Playa de Oleiros- Cudillero Google maps

Read more on Beaches and Coves in Spain page

Casas rurales en Cudillero

Casa Rural La Ermita de Prin- around 21euros per person per night

Do you know what an 'Ibón' is?

Ibón is the Aragonese word for the Pyrenean lakes of glacial origin, although it was also used in other parts of the High Aragon to denominate springs that gushed out, forming pools or lagoons. These Ibón are perfect for all the family and amusement from swimming to canoeing and more.

Ibons of Spain
Try visiting the mountain village of Panticosa a kind of jewel box of mountain sports and entertainment in The Kingdom of Dreams (Aragon), Spain. There is more information here in 'Fresh water swimming in Spain' and 'National Parks of Spain'.

When in Spain visit a small village and stay in a small rural hotel

La Puebla de los Infantes

'La Puebla de los Infantes' is located in the province of Sevilla with a population of around 3263. North of Sevilla and west of Cordoba it is close to the 'Embalse de Jose Toran'

The Olive Hotel

La Puebla de los Infantes The Olive Hotel

Aparthotel Las Palomas

'La Puebla de los Infantes' is a perfect location for nature lovers, hunting, hiking, sports.
To find out more read the details for 'La Puebla de los Infantes' on our page
'Junta de Andalucia Tourist Offices / Information in Spain'



Now then, have you ever seen "Las Chorreras"?

You'll like it. Just an hour and a half north of Sevilla, in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Nature Park close to San Nicolas del Puerto you will find a varied selection of freshwater swimming in a series of small waterfalls known as "Las Chorreras" mountain fresh waters flow through a spectacular ravine.
This is a such a lovely area. Read more freshwater swimming page and our National Parks page for the details.

Do you know which Christian relic is kept safely in Valencia?

In the old Chapter House, Valencia Cathedral is the Holy Chalice from which Christ is said to have poured wine at The Last Supper. Read More

The beaches of Spain are justifiably famous around the world however this varied country has so much more to match the beaches. The high mountains as displayed in National Parks are wonderful protected areas. One such park is the
'Parque Nacional de los Picos de Europa'
Spain Nature Parks
click image for more information.

'Cala del Mal Pas' beach in Benidorm
Listen, now, if you can go to Benidorm and not enjoy yourself you need to check your pulse, Benidorm is quintessential entertainment in Spain. There are five beaches and this is 'Cala del Mal Pas'.
Follow our beach guide for all beaches in Spain.

The wondrous and breathtaking City of Salamanca has mysteries and legends, including the Cueva de Salamanca, the Salamanca Caves, a magical place where it is said that the Devil used to give classes in the dark arts; and the Patio de la Salina, the former salt store.

Where was Christopher Columbus received by his King & Queen when he first returned from America? Read more Barcelona.

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