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53rd Sexenni in Morella

Held every six years, next 2018

Morella fiestas festivals Valencia

In 1672 the town of Morella was nearly wiped out by a plague.
The townsfolk prayed to an image of their Patrol Saint the Virgin of Vallivana and moved the image from it's traditional sanctuary directly to the heart of the town.
This is when as if by a miracle the stricken people were cured and the town was saved.
The origin of the Sexenni festival in Morella was thus born and has been celebrated ever since.
As a mark of their gratitude, they pledged to throw a huge celebration in honour of the Virgin of Vallivana every six years. Since then, crowds of pilgrims make the journey on foot to the Sanctuary, 24 kilometres from Morella, to bring the image of the Virgin to the town. The arrival of this pilgrimage is celebrated by decorating the main streets with hand-made tapestries made from crepe paper and organising solemn festivities that last for nine days.

The townspeople spend many months getting ready for this Festival officially declared to be of National Tourist Interest. The festivities take place between 16th and 28th August, originating in the guilds of the town, which is why each day is organised by a different working sector contributing different cultural symbols. This year, the Virgin of Vallivana will be received on 18th August, bringing all the guilds together, and celebrated with dancing, folkloric tableaux and symbols of the town.

Morella Tourist Info
Plaza de Sant Miquel, s/n
Tel: 964173032


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