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Orígenes del Ajoblanco

Orígenes del Ajoblanco

1st Saturday of September

The most famous celebration of Almáchar is the Ajoblanco (first Saturday of September) festival, declared of National Tourist Interest of Andalusia.   Thousands of strangers, who get a free almachareño. a delicious cold soup or gazpacho which is made with almonds and garlic. This is a recipe for hot days the combination of vinegar diluted with cold water has a cooling effect.

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Parallel to the gastronomic delights of the day, the village becomes a a live show of e with traditional scenes; represented by dummies or mannequins dressed in the style of a century ago. The performances of verdiales, choirs rocieros and flamenco  complete the 'big day' of Almáchar.

This cold almond and garlic soup dates from the time of the Moors, who planted the first almond trees in the area, and who made the first gastronomic combinations with these products. Originally known as "almond gazpacho", the later addition of garlic gave rise to this exquisite delicacy which has come to be known as "ajoblanco" to this day.

In Almáchar this celebration is celebrated in honour of the Holy Christ of the Green Band, to which the almachareños requested protection during the series earthquakes that shook the area in the middle of century XVIII. As no-one died and there was little damage, by popular acclamation this protector Christ of the town was named.

Apart from the religious function, which includes mass and procession of the image through the most central streets, during the whole weekend there are different musical performances, dances, fireworks, sporting events and popular festivals.

At the end of July, the fair takes place in honour of Nuestra Señora del Amparo, patron saint of Almáchar, which lasts three days and which organizes a variety of festive, sporting and cultural events. The pilgrimage of San Isidro is another great popular celebration in Almáchar in the middle of May.

Other festivals of great popular interest:
Pastoral Contest: Second fortnight of December
Celebration of the New Year's Eve in the Plaza de España
Cavalcade of Kings: Night of January 5
Carnival celebration, popular celebration: February
Cultural Week: With a wide program of cultural and festive activities. Variable, Jun
We recommend a visit to...

Visitors should not miss a visit to the town´s most outstanding monument: the parish church of San Mateo, located in the town centre, and whose square tower is in the Mudejar style.

As 90 per cent of the inhabitants of Almáchar make their living either directly or indirectly from the raisin, it is only logical that the town has created a museum in honour of this product, located in Santo Cristo square. Here you can see how the grapes are collected and how they are then transformed into raisins, all explained in a simple but informative way.

We also suggest a stroll around the streets of Almáchar, distinctly Moorish in their layout, and around the oldest part with its Arab flavour and endless winding streets which, due to the great difference in level, rise steeply up to the top of the town.

Steps, narrow passageways... and the combination of the whitewashed walls with the bright colouring of the flowers and flowerpots on pavements and balconies provides a glimpse of a typically Andalusian village landscape.

A tip... You should bear in mind that given the town´s particular characteristics, it is impossible to drive cars through the its streets and you are required to leave your vehicle at the main entrance and move around the town on foot; this is all part of its charm

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Oficinas de turismo

Oficina Municipal de Turismo de Almáchar
Dirección: C/ Fátima, 13
29718 Almáchar
Teléfono: 952 51 20 02
Correo electrónico:

Almacher, Malaga, Spain

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