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Autonomía, 26 – 48010 Bilbao
T/944 703 458
F/944 702 915


AlhondigaBilbao is located in the centre of Bilbao, and is one of the most representative buildings of the town. The former wine warehouse designed by Ricardo Bastida in 1909, is now a spectacular multipurpose civic centre devoted to leisure and culture whose transformation was performed by the renowned Phillippe Starck. AlhondigaBilbao is an innovative, multidisciplinary and vibrant space, which has room for knowledge, cultural representations of various kinds, physical activity and fun. Among the elements that attract the most attention within the 43 columns stand designed by Starck and developed under the supervision of the Italian designer Lorenzo Baraldi.

AlhondigaBilbao features a media library, a centre for physical activity, a pool, an exhibition hall, auditorium, cinema halls, a multipurpose hall, restaurants, cafes and a shop. In the center several events, such as the literary festival held Gutun Zuria.The French designer Philippe Starck has been entrusted with refurbishing the old municipal grain market of Bilbao, an industrial building designed in 1905 by the architect Ricardo Bastida that has now been turned into a multidisciplinary space dedicated to leisure, culture and wellbeing. Inaugurated since early May 2010, AlhóndigaBilbao seeks to establish itself as a centre that is open to the citizens, oriented to the integral growth of the person and to the development of human relations. That is why the facility covers an area of forty-three thousand metres square distributed over the Central Square and another three cubic buildings that define the main axes of this project: the Media Library, the Physical Activity Zones and Leisure.

The Media Library has been understood as a social space in which, besides reading, consulting and studying, one can watch a film or listen to music. A gym, several rooms for physical exercise and personal growth, a wet area and a sun terrace integrate the building dedicated to Physical Activity. Lastly, the Leisure zone has an auditorium for four hundred people, an exhibition room several cinema halls and a restaurant space, as well as the Sala Bastida whose name pays tribute to the architect who designed the grain market and which will have polyvalent uses.

For this project, Starck has applied construction criteria based on efficiency and sustainability, he has chosen materials such as concrete, exposed brick and glass and has introduced thermal solar panels. He has thus managed to humanise the building while always maintaining its architectural singularity, and has transformed it into a new landmark for Bilbao’s quotidian life.