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February  to  March
The wonderful people of Alicante invite you to their fabulous carnival. The Alicante/Alacante Carnival is the world upside down, the denial of the everyday, suspending taboos and prohibitions, and will allow all excesses. The symbols and erotic sex are associated with frequent and folkloric events that take place during this period. Costumes and masks are essential components of this feast.
In Alicante "The More-Face," is based on a story whose resemblance to reality is pure imagination of the reader or viewer…
Narra (The Narrator), which at the time of the Middle Ages, visited the Villa Alicantina their majestades… then King and Queen, of course. The Kings came to this Villa to convene the contest crafts in which to reward the more-Face, the best artwork to be awarded during the night of Dance Masks, the one character who was popularly elected by nobles and commoners on the day around backwards…
Magno The event would be organized by the Bufona Court of Alicante, with various performances of the town, especially the Choir Works Molestas; artisans create their masks to compete, and the people elect the bearer of the Over - Cara, a piece of incalculable value that become part of the Treasury of the Crown.
A well-known craftsman of the village, which had commissioned the project of a Convention Center, decided to submit his work. Both work ended with his inspiration, and five Hadas he appeared at dusk to stimulate their creations… Each of them contributed the most prominent of his person, and among all got the craftsman won the contest.
Las Hadas each had their preferred candidate to bear More-Face, and on the night of the Dance of Masks, the people decided…
The day already had everything upside down and the Chosen Over-Face…
El Pregonero of the Court, gave the new sound began… Carnival.

Alicante Carnival
WEB: www.alicante-ayto.es
Email: alicante@touristinfo.net

Carnival (mystery play of Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma, and the Burial of the Sardine).

Council of Celebrations
House Festa
C / Bailen, 20 - 3rd Floor
03001 Alicante
Tel: 965.23.07.22
Fax: 965.23.07.25

Information prepared by:
Avenida Rambla de Mendez Nunez, 41
03 002 Alicante
Tel: 965200000
Fax: 965200243
Email: alicante@touristinfo.net

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Carnivals in the Alacant/ Alicante Area
Carnival ASPE
Day of the Gira, held on the Thursday before Lent
Carnival  BENIDORM
 966 80 15 01
WEB: www.benidorm.org

Email: fiestas@benidorm.org

Carnival and election of the ´Queen
The annual 'Carnaval' in Benidorm (also known as Mardi Gras or Pancake Tuesday) takes place this year on Saturday 20th to 22nd February. It's held to mark the start of lent and has evolved into a massive celebration where everyone dons fancy dress and has a right good time.

There's a small change in proceedings this year as the traditional procession round town with lots of floats, marching bands and music has changed route slightly. The parade will start at 22.00 on the Saturday from Tomás Ortuño street and continue along Venus, Ruzafa and Herrerías streets before ending up in the new town hall square (at the old town end of l'Aiguera Park) where there'll be dancing to an orchestra to the wee small hours.

Carnival BENISSA
 Carnival, Cultural CALPE/CALP
International Carnival and Folklore Festival
Carnaval COX
96 536 00 00 /96 536 00 08
WEB: www.convega.com/aytocox/
Email: aytocox@gmail.com

WEB: www.elcampello.es
Email: campello@touristinfo.net
 96 572 44 88
WEB: www.guardamar.net
 Email: guardamar@touristinfo.net
Carnival Saturday with a fancy-dress masked ball.
WEB: www.mutxamel.org
Email: mutxamel@touristinfo.net
Pasacalles, pregón infantil, música en directo, chocolatada en el Parque el Canyar de Les Portelles
Carnival  NOVELDA
 96 560 92 28
WEB: www.novelda.es
 Email: novelda@touristinfo.net
 A festival of the ´Forty Hours´ is held on Shrove Tuesday.
Carnival PEGO
WEB: www.pego.org
 Email: pegoilesvalls@touristinfo.net
“Pinyata” o Entierro de la Sardina.
Sábado siguiente a Carnaval: Todo Pego se viste de duelo y llora la muerte del Carnaval (simbolizado por una sardina de cartón) y después de la hoguera un “correfoc” pone luz y color a la noche.
Carnival. Locality: PEGO
: 966400843
WEB: www.pego.org
 Email: pegoilesvalls@touristinfo.net
 Carnival Saturday (´Carnestoltes´) (Fancy dress, parades and street bands).


Information compiled by:
Avenida Rambla Méndez Núñez, 41 (Torre de la Generalitat),
03002 Alicante
Phone: 965200000
Fax: 965200243
Email: alicante@touristinfo.net

Web: http://www.comunitatvalenciana.com