Jerez will make a great impression on you.
The birthplace of flamenco and the home of the worlds greatest sherry's.
Jerez is a very civilised city and just the right size for a visit. Pedestrianised streets and squares make it a very pleasant and traffic free city to walk around.
Jerez has tourist attractions such as the the 'Alcasar' and the old Moorish baths, and the cathedral.
Jerez streets are often cobbles and bounded by typical white Andalucian houses.
The abundance of sherry makes Jerez different to any other city in Spain. Wander the streets and explore the numerous bodegas. These large dusty, vaulted rooms have the wonderful aroma of the sherry that has been produced there for hundreds of years. Most bodegas are open to the public and have free admission. There are bus tours that do the rounds of the bodegas.
There are so many different types of sherry and the staff in the bodegas will gladly let you taste them.
The Plaza Esteve is a great starting place in the morning, try a churro (deep fried doughnut) with chocolate and coffee for breakfast. Then deliciously stodged up wander around the market. The market is famous for its fish stalls including the 'almadraba tuna' still caught the way the Phoenicians did.
Jerez is on the Costa de la Luz still a secret gem on the Spanish coast. Beautiful unspoilt beaches and countryside.
Jerez has the world famous Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, a riding school which is compared to the  Spanish Riding School in Vienna ( sounds odd that doesn't it), Austria.
The riding school is concerned with preserving the Andalucian horse and Spanish Baroque horsemanship