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Ronda the city on a cliff. Spectacular is somehow not good enough to describe this amazing Andalucian city.
Visit Ronda and decide, was it man made or did it grow out of the rock cliffs.
Enjoy the beauty of Ronda and visit some of the worth while tourist locations.
The Mirador- a beautifully decorated bullring.
The Casa del Rey de Moro with its impressive architecture and beautiful gardens.
One of the most amazing places, cities in the whole of Spain.
 Its position made it one of the last Moorish settlements to fall to the Christians in the late 15th century.
  "Puente Nuevo" - built across the Tajo gorge in the late 18th century is well worth bseeing and photgraphing.

The city is full of charm and character, with its cobbled alleys and whitewashed walls, is steeped in Moorish and Christian history.