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Bocairent Moors and Christians
Bocairent is celebrating it's rescue by the Christian Monarchy.
The town of Bocairent, Valencia, is celebrating its historic Moors and Christians festivities from 2nd to 5th February in honour of its patron saint, San Blas. These joyful celebrations are well worth seeing and have even been declared to be of National Tourist Interest.
 The Moors and Christians are one of the most exciting festivities in Valencia, and in Bocairent acquire a special flavour by tradition and characteristics of a people who have marine traditions in their historical roots.

Thus, as from the beginning of Nit-Caixes, where paper lanterns illuminate the streets-some are marked signs of own identity that characterize these festivals Bocairent.
 The influx of Moors and Christians, is an act of great peculiarity with the appearance of squads performing their own popular dance.

 The day Blai Sant, the patron saint of the town, is full of mysticism which reaches its climax when the image of the saint comes to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

 The events mark the day on February 4 recalling the Re-conquest from the Moors.
 Finally, the hermitage of Sant Crist, located at the top of a steep hill marks the end of the holidays.



 More Information:
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 2
 Telephone: 962905062


February Festivals & Events
 The Moors and Christians Festival in honour of Sant Blai is considered to be of National Tourist Interest and one of the most iconic and much loved festivities in the Region of Valencia.
The excitement, the unique rhythm of the nine carnival procession groups known as 'comparsas' and the characteristic smell of gunpowder will fill every corner of Bocairent between 2nd and 5th February.

On 1st February, known as Nit de caixes, the festival gets underway with the proclamation and parade to the sound of drum rolls.
On 2nd February, Dia de l'Entrada, the 'comparsas' (Espa˝oletos, Granaders, Contrabandistes, Terš de Suavos, Estudiants, Moros Vells, Marrocs, Moros Marinos and Mosqueters) will parade through the streets of the town accompanied by music bands
At 4.30 p.m., from Calle Batalla de Lepanto street, the spectacular 'Entrada' or Arrival of the Moors and Christians will begin. Then, as marked by tradition, the captains of the two sides will inspect the troops and make an offering to Sant Blai.

The following day, they will be celebrating Dia Sant Blai, which will include a procession, one of the most moving acts that takes place in these festivities.

On 4th February, the two sides will fight each other to stake their claim to the Castle in a bloody battle that will come to an end on 5th February, Dia del Sant Crist, with a pilgrimage up to the hermitage. The celebrations come to a close on Dia de l'Eixabegˇ
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