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Entertainment in Spain by Month
Cádiz Carnival.
 Cádiz, Andalucia, Spain
The dates for carnival Feb 4, 2016 to Feb 16, 2016.


Cádiz Carnival.
Servicio de Información
Dirección: Delegación Municipal de Turismo
Ayuntamiento de Cádiz
Paseo de Canalejas, s/n
Cádiz 11006
Tel.: +34 956 241 001
 Cádiz, Andalucia, Spain
Tel. 956693001

The Carnival centres around Shrove Tuesday. Cádiz celebrates the carnival with processions from the weekend before, to the weekend after.

Cadiz Carnaval de Cardez, with all the parts of the typical carnival but bigger, brasher and louder and more colourful... you get the picture. bands,  fancy-dress processions and float parade.

Look for the parodies of politicians, celebrities and the church. You'll see a lot of choirs, or agrupaciones, which are groups of between three and forty singers. The Falla's Contest is a Music festival held in the Gran Teatro Falla before Carnival.

The chirigotas, choirs normally of ten unison or close-harmony singers, accompanied by bombo, caja (drum, box - used as a percussion instrument) and guitar. Their songs are the most satirical of the different types of groups and the literary quality of the songs can be very high (they may be written by local authors). Only a few musical forms such as the tango or pasodoble are used, so that everyone knows the tune and can concentrate on the words.
Cadiz takes its carnival seriously and it is planned all year. They love you to join if you have an outfit and are up for a good time.

Known throughout The Cadiz carnival as a huge street party. 11 days of non-stop fun, originality and, more than anything else, mass participation. The whole city is transformed, the streets filling with people who come out to laugh and make others laugh, to sing, and to have a good time.
A month before the official start of carnival, the groups that compete in the Falla Theatre competition begin their rehearsals, which start warming up the atmosphere. Different carnival groups organise open-air gastronomic fiestas where they play their repertoire of humorous songs in public and where you can also sample typical Cadiz produce. The songs are usually humorous, providing an ingenious critique of events that have made the news over the course of the year. The Falla Theatre competition sees more than 100 groups taking part, with the popular chirigotas standing out especially. It is a great spectacle, packed with humour, music and colour. The Grand Final is one of the main attractions of the fiesta: it is held on the first Friday of Carnival an lasts until the following morning. It is then that the great explosion of carnival joy moves onto the city streets. The groups that have taken part roam the streets of the old town, packed with people, singing their compositions and, on Sunday and Monday, they get up on platforms to perform the Carrusel de Coros.

Fancy dress is obligatory at the Cadiz Carnival. Whether you do it alone, as a couple or in a group, it is vital to wear fancy dress, at least on the first Saturday and during the parades. There are two parades where the public become an active part of the multi-colour cavalcade. The Gran Cabalgata (Great Parade) is on the first Sunday. It runs down the avenue at the entrance to the city and brings tens of thousands of people together. The second is the Cabalgata del Humor (Comedy Parade), which runs through the old town on the last weekend. The “charangas ilegales” are another characteristic element of the Cadiz Carnival: they usually come together in Plaza de las Flores. They are families, groups of friends, or workmates whose repertoire of songs compete for humour and laughs with the “official” groups. Open-air parties, fireworks, fancy dress dances and endless additional activities all go to ensure that the fun does not stop for a moment throughout the celebrations.
Tourist offices in Spain
Cádiz Centro de Visitantes de Cádiz
Paseo De Canalejas, s/n
Cádiz (Cadiz)
Contact details
Tel.: +34 956241001
Fax.: +34 956241005



Tourist offices in Spain
Cádiz Oficina de Turismo de la Junta de Andalucía de Cádiz
Avenida Ramón de Carranza s/n
Cádiz (Cadiz)
Contact details
Tel.: +34 956203191/ +34 956203195
Fax.: +34 956203192



Cádiz Carnival.
Servicio de Información
Dirección: Delegación Municipal de Turismo
Ayuntamiento de Cádiz
Paseo de Canalejas, s/n
Cádiz 11006
Tel.: +34 956 241 001
 Cádiz, Andalucia, Spain
Tel. 956693001
Tourist offices in Spain
Prado del Rey Oficina
Municipal de Turismo de Prado del Rey
Calle Duque de Osuna, 22
Prado del Rey (Cadiz)
Contact details
Tel.: +34 956724610






Cadiz Tourist Office
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