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Casa Milá

Casa Milá a building and yet a work of art begun in 1906 it took six years to complete and reputedly has not got a single straight line or right angled corner. One of Antonio Gaudi's most famous creations.

Casa Mila, La Pedrera Barcelona



This fabulous building also called 'La Pedrera' is now used as a cultural centre, creative space, concerts and performance.

Antoni Gaudi



Chema Madoz. Ars combinatoria
09/04/2013 - 28/07/2013 |
To July 28. One of the leading figures in Spanish contemporary photography.

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Alicia Bus

Alicia Bus is a project done in association with Fundació Alicia (Food and Science), also linked to the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation. It works as a mobile unit and includes a cookery classroom fully equipped to take to the whole territory the investigations and projects in science, health and agricultural heritage which are carried out in the laboratories of Fundació Alicia.

Touring exhibitions

La Pedrera also promotes touring exhibitions throughout the territory.

• Perico Pastor. The illuminated Bible
ESPLUGA DEL FRANCOLÍ. Museo de la Vida Rural. (From 15 March to 2 June 2013)

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