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Guadix Cascamorras Festival "Virgin of Piedad"

Guadix Cascamorras Festival- Virgin of Piedad"

9 September
The best entertainment in Spain Guadix Festival

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Ayuntamiento de Guadix
Address: Plaza de la Constitución, 1, 18500
Guadix, Granada, Spain
Phone: +34 958 66 93 00

Guadix official website

Ayuntamiento de Baza
Baza, Spain
Address: Plaza Mayor, 4, 18800 Baza, Granada, Spain
Phone: +34 958 70 03 95

Baza official website

The Cascamorras
The origin of this popular tradition and real local entertainment in Spain dates back to the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century, after the conquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs. There are several versions of how it happened, but the most widespread that a neighbouring farmer in the town of Guadix, named John Flint, was working the land in the town of Baza, at the site of a former chapel Mozarabic Bastetano located in the suburb of "Churra" when the spade found a small image of the Virgin that is known since then as the Virgin of Mercy.

This caused a little conflict between the cities of Guadix and Baza. The party Cascamorras, analyzing its origins and historical development, is a clear example of peaceful resolution of a conflict between two neighbouring towns that share a strong religious bishopric and the Virgin of Mercy.

Five hundred years ago, it was agreed that if a city commissioner could enter Guadix Baza and reach the Church of Mercy without being spotted could recover to the Virgin to Guadix. But since then the commissioner, this "Cascamorras" still does not get clean, ie no paint, to the Convent of Mercy. In his attempt, the bastetanos will block, year after year, accompanying him on his journey from the entrance of the village to the church with paintings staining it black or bright. "Cascamorras" return to the precious Guadix without image, so that accitanos in payment for its failure, re-paint and stain paintings also uilizando ...

Everything becomes a big party for both cities.

This intangible cultural heritage common to two cities Granada should be considered as an excellent resource in the service of sustainable development as the value itself. Simultaneously represents the collective memory of the population and resource potential for future tirístico.

Each September 9 Cascamorras Guadix again and who knows if one day ...
Baza and Guadix  two adjacent communities in Andalucia have for five hundred years ( so they claim) been fighting over the possession of a statue The "Virgin of Piedad". In what had now become a laughable fiesta and great fun for all, the people of Guadix send an assault team to get the statue.
The people fo Baza wait for them and defend the statue by throwing anything messy they can get their hands on, it used to be flour and eggs mainly.
Now though as it has become more commercial the streets become a watery paint bath and then a foam bath.

Another local story of how it all began

It goes back five centuries. It is said that after the Reconquest, a labourer from Guadix was demolishing the ruined wall of an old mosque when he heard a voice which said: “Baza, Guadix, have mercy on me!” He went on breaking down the wall and found a statue of the Virgin, which was then adopted by the “Bastetanos” (inhabitants of Baza).

The “Accitanos” (inhabitants of Guadix), were not at all happy about the inhabitants of Baza keeping the statue, as they considered that it should belong to them as it had been discovered by one of their fellow townsmen. And the people from Baza claimed it because it had been found on their lands.

After several disputes, it was agreed that if a designated representative from Guadix was able to enter Baza and get as far as the Church of la Merced without getting paint stains on his clothing, he would recover the Virgin for Guadix.

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Tourist Information Office of the Junta de Andalucia
Municipality: Guadix
Province: Granada
Address: Ave. Mariana Pineda, s/n
Postal Code: 18500

Telephone: 958699574

Town Hall Website

Guadix  Cascamorras Festival "Virgin of Piedad"

Plenty of excellent local rural places to stay in Guadix and Baza

Cueva Barranco del Armero
around 16 euros per person per night

Cueva Amandier à Guadix
around 13 euros per person per night

casa rural in Baza- around 20 euros per person per night

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