Cinema Jove International Film Festival
Young Film Makers Film Festival in Spain






Cinema Jove International Film Festival
19th to 26th June, Valencia
Check website for dates for 2011
A film festival that this year is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

 Matteo Garrone, Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau, Joanna Quinn and Daniel Monzón will be the film personalities and also actors such as the Ukrainian Natasha Yarovenko.

There will be two competition sections: feature films unreleased in Spain, and short, animated, documentary and experimental films.
Also until 17th June, the Sala Luis García Berlanga in Valencia's Rialto building will be hosting a mini season presenting the latest feature films of five outstanding Spanish directors, preceded by the short film that each of them presented at 'Cinema Jove' when they were taking their first steps in the world of cinema.

The directors Miguel Albaladejo and Sigfrid Monleón, and Santiago García de Leániz, producer of the two films presented by Icíar Bollaín at the festival, will be at the Film Library to present their films to audiences. Furthermore, over the course of the festival, the 'Curts Comunitat Valenciana 2010' catalogue will be presented.

Festival Internacional de Cine Cinema Jove