Coín New year's eve Malaga Spain
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 Coín New year's eve.
31st December
 A festival with fancy dress and street parades in Coin, Malaga  which starts around 10.30 p.m. in the calle La Feria, the Alameda and neighbouring streets, with groups of local people in fancy dress. Everyone meets in Plaza Bermúdez de la Rubia at around 11.30 p.m. to wait for the chimes of the San Juan church clock.

Tourist Office: Pasaje de Chinitas, 4 - 29015 Málaga (Malaga)

Tel. +34 952213445
Contact Address
Coin Tourist Office:
Calle Teniente Coronel de la Rubia,
s/n 29100
 Coín (Malaga)

Tel. +34 952453211

Coin is one of the more traditional Spanish towns inland with a huge history and a lot of monuments from the previous cultures. Situated in the southern part of the Guadalhorce valley region, in a lovely green farmer area, stretches from Alpujata Mountain with masses of pines and cork oaks around all the mountains and with a gently slope done to the river Guadalhorce, where the landscape of the lower elevations is dominated by orchards and gardens. Coin has a population of 20.000 people and it has become more and more popular with many people looking to move to the campo, this is all possible thanks to the new roads being built around and through the town, only twenty minutes from Marbella and the shopping centre La Cañada, also 25 minutes from Fuengirola, 20 minutes from Benalmadena and only 30 minutes from Malaga international airport and Malaga Town.
It is a perfect place to live the Spanish way where the time doesn’t seem to go by.




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