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Córdoba Crosses of May


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Córdoba Crosses of May
 In Cordoba beautiful
intricate crosses made of flowers
decorate the city streets
1st to 5th May 2013
Cordoba crosses of May Best Festivals in Spain


A rather lovely traditional fiesta and one of the best festivals in Spain is the "Cruces de Mayo" (Crosses of May) in Cordoba, when crosses made of flowers are decorate the city's streets and squares. Also know as 'The Battle of the Flowers' this some of the best entertainment in Spain. These beautiful floral decorations are judged in a competition organised by the town council.  In this old religious tradition the crosses are also sometimes decorated with typical silk "mantones" or shawls, multicoloured throws and other popular items.
As is usual in Spanish fiestas and this is one of the best fiestas in Spain the whole neighbourhood gets involved to try and outdo the rest of the city. The neighbourhood associations and social clubs are in charge of making sure that Cordoba is a riot of colour and fiesta. The usual time to walk around and see the different crosses is by night.
To experience fully one of the best places to visit in Spain and for perfect image of Cordoba walk around the streets of of San Basilio, San Andrés, Santa Marina, San Agustín and the city centre during the May Crosses festival.
Tourist Office:
Calle Rey Heredia, 22 - 14003 Córdoba
Tel. +34 957201774
Tourist Office:
Avenida de la Constitución, 21 B - 41001 Seville (Seville)
Tel. +34 954787578 Fax +34 954787579
Tourist Office:
Plaza de las Tendillas, 14002
Córdoba (Cordoba)
Tel. +34 902201774
Popular Tourist Attractions in Cordoba Spain
Roman Temple. Córdoba
Temple of mythological Gods.. The ruins of this temple lie next to the Town Hall. The ruins that remain suggest that it was a very large building.. It was dedicated to the Gods of mythology. It lies in the centre of an arcaded square.
Cordoba Grand Theatre. Córdoba
Córdoba's Grand Theatre designed by the architect Amadeo Rodríguez, was officially opened on the 13th of April 1873 with the zarzuela (Spanish operetta) Marta, performed by the Marimón Company.

Cordoba Archaeological Museum. Córdoba
Gothic, Moorish and Mudejar. Set in a beautiful Renaissance palace, this museum is home to a major collection of Moorish objects, Roman sculptures and lead sarcophagi. . The museum is arranged over two floors and around several courtyards.

San Hipólito Royal Collegiate Church. Córdoba
The Royal Collegiate Church and Royal residence.. It was built during the reign of Alfonso XI, who was actually buried in the building in the 18th century. It has a wonderful Baroque courtyard. .
Christ of the Lanterns. Córdoba
El Cristo de los Dolores. This monument was crafted by Friar Diego José de Cádiz, from the Capuchin-Franciscan Order. It was originally called Cristo de los Desagravios y Misericordia.

Plaza de la Corredera Square. Córdoba
The entrance to the amphitheatre.. It is thought to be entrance to the amphitheatre during Roman times as remains have been found.. It is rectangular and follows the model of the traditional Castilian Plaza Mayor square.

Casa del Bailío House. Córdoba
This building once formed part of a great palace in the old part of the city of Cordoba. Its construction goes back to the partition of the city carried out by Ferdinand III after the expulsion of the Moors.

Calleja de las Flores Alley. Córdoba
Cordovan essence.. Located in the Jewish neighbourhood and from which you can see the tower of the cathedral. . A no through road in front of the northern facade of the Mosque that runs into a Plaza

La Merced Convent. Córdoba
Christopher Columbus's residence.. Christopher Columbus stayed in this convent whilst he was waiting to be seen by the Catholic Monarchs. Its main Baroque altarpiece was destroyed by a fire. . It was founded in the 13th century

Jewish Quarter. Córdoba
Streets with a lot of character.. The Jewish quarter is a complex network of little streets with a typical Andalusian flavour.






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