Things to do in Cordoba, Spain
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The Mezquita of Cordoba in Spain
The Mezquita of Cordoba is without doubt the single most important attraction of this small town in Spain. Not only is the Mezquita a fantastic example of Muslim architecture in Spain, but this palace stands in the heart of Cordoba today just as it did centuries ago and is open for the public to visit. The Mezquita of Cordoba in Spain was originally built in 785 by Abdul Rahman I who was the local ruler of Cordoba at a time when Spain was ruled as several city states.

Visiting the Mezquita in Cordoba in Spain
Among the original features of the Mezquita of Cordoba that can still be viewed today are the many mosaics and the characteristic red and white arches that line the courtyards of Cordoba’s fine palace. Part of the reason why the Mezquita of Cordoba in Spain has survived to this day is that subsequent rulers of Spain also used it as a palace in Cordoba. This has led to several interesting parts of the building that have been extended on to the original building..

Mezquita (La Mezquite) - Mosque
Things to do In Cordoba
The most beautiful and best-preserved Moorish public building, the Mezquita (whose name simply means "mosque" in Spanish), is almost...
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Medina Azahara
 Things To Do in Cordoba
Tourist Attractions
There is no more fitting monument to the achievement, ambition, and ultimate collapse of the Western Caliphate than the ruins of the Medina Azahara,… Read More

Juderia- Jewish Quarter
Things To Do
Tourist Attractions
Narrow winding streets invites us to the well preserved Jewish Quarter and its white houses. Jews helped the prosperity of this city, which housed… Read More


Things To Do
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Cordoba pays for a good walk around. .........  Read More

Local Shops and Markets
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Cordoba is an excellent city for a wide range of shopping opportunities. There are plenty of the expected souvenir shops,  … Read More

Alcazar and Gardens
 Things To Do
Tourist Attractions
The Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos (Palace of the Christian Kings) is quite a fitting name for this royal medieval fortress. …........... Read More
Things to do in Cordoba
What to Eat in Cordoba: Try the cold meats from the Pedroches area in the North of the province and also local lamb and pork (the pigs are fed only acorns). Ham, chorizo, morcilla (black pudding) are also excellent. There are also a lot of dishes based on game: wild boar, venison, rabbit, moufflon and partridge. Typical dishes from Cordoba are: Bull's tail, battered fried ham rolls, lamb stew, gazpacho, almond gazpacho, cakes, almonds and honey coated sweet pastries...

Wines: D.O from Montilla-Moriles: dry sherry, full bodied sherry, pale dry sherry, Pedro Ximenez, young white wines and organic wines.

Walk through the narrow, whitewashed streets and enjoy the flower pots and tiled patios of Cordoba

Sip a bowl of cool gazpacho soup in one of the many cafes

Visit the Archeological Museum of Cordoba, containing artifacts from pre-historic to Islamic times

Visit the tower museum at the end of the Roman bridge

Attend a bullfight in the Plaza de Toros

Take an evening horse-drawn carriage ride through the area around the Mezquita

 Enjoy the Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations

Eat Salmorejo, a thick tomato based version of Gazpacho, and Rabo de Toro, oxtail stew

Try the local wine of Moriles and Montilla which resemble sherry but are not fortified.

Go to a flamenco show at one of the city's tablaos

 See the Cruces de Mayo fiesta in the first few days of May when you will see crosses made of flowers in many of the squares around the town

Traditional Food of Córdoba
Córdoba has a plenty of very tasty traditional dishes, which are served in pleasant restaurants. The best ones are:

Bodegas Campos, Los Lineros, 32 San Pedro, 14002 Cordoba Website. Open traditional Spanish hours. Classic Cordoba place to eat. Historical building and famous for people who have visited. Food is fantastic, very recommended!

Castillo de la Albaida A refurbish Castle settled in the Córdoba sierra's slope, 10 minutes from city center by car. Very good Cordovan food with splendid city sights.



El Churrasco Romero 16, 14003 Cordoba +34-957 290 819. With amazing meat dishes and much more. Very close to the Mezquita.

Taberna San Miguel "El Pisto" Plaza San Miguel, 1, Cordoba, 14002. Great place to try some typical Tapas. The best 'Pisto' in the world!

La Gusa, C/ Diario de Córdoba, 18 (Near ruins of the Roman temple), 957491123 ( Every Day 2PM-1AM. A refreshing twist on traditional Spanish cooking. Relaxed cool atmosphere and unusual flavours.

Amore Bona Pasta, C/ Reyes Catolicos, 17, 14001 Cordoba, +34 957484848 Website. Fantastic pizza and pasta at $-$$ prices.

La Fragua Cja. Los Arcos, 2 (off C/Tomás Conde) Phone: (+34) 957 48 45 72. Delicious home made food and traditional cooking with a modern and personal style. Enjoyable meals in an authentic 16th century charming courtyard accompanied by flamenco ambient music. It is also possible to try tapas and drinks for a very reasonable price. Relaxed atmosphere.

Taberna La Lechuga C/Tomás Conde, 12 +34 204 311. Cordoban Traditional style food. Try their brand name tasty specialty, seasoned "lettuce sprouts", served with garlic. They serve a wide range of traditional dishes. Don't forget their "Croquetas", but to be sure about their daily recommendations just try and ask their friendly staff.

Things to do and see in Cordoba

Cordoba is a captivating city full of history. It's old part consists of narrow streets and ancient beautiful buildings, famous for their interior patios full of pots of brightly coloured flowers and fountains in the centre which are reminiscent of other times. There are two types of patios in Cordoba. There are the patios which belong to individual houses as described above or patios belonging to two houses where more than one family lives which have two floors and a shared balcony.

There are many things to do and see in Cordoba city and different ways you can do this. You can see the city riding in a coach pulled along by horses or hire a bike. You can go for a ride in a hot air balloon or see the city by plane if you want a bird's eye view. You can see the city by bus or you can simply walk around and soak up the atmosphere.

You are spoilt for choice for things to do in Cordoba. You can go to the theatre, to classical music concerts, visit museums, go to the aquatic park, go horse riding or play golf (there is a golf course on the outskirts of the city - Club de Campo de Córdoba) or visit Sportaventura or the Parque Periurbano Los Villares…

Gardens, Squares and Streets:

Parque Zoológica (Zoo) - Avenida de Linneo, Tel: 957 20 08 07.

Jardines de la Victoria (Victoria Gardens) - Avenida de la Victoria: This is the former site for the Feria de la Salud before it was moved to the Parque del Arenal. Here you have a 1930's pergola by Carlos Sáez de Santamaría built in a Neoclassic style which is now one of the most fashionable cafe's in the city and also used for temporary exhibitions.

Jardines Juan Carlos I (Juan Carlos I Gardens) : These pretty gardens are located directly in front of the Vice-Chancellors office. There is a small lake with a bridge in the middle and a play area for children. It has become a popular meeting place.

Jardines de la Merced o de Colón (Merced or Colon Gardens): The Merced convent is here hence the name given to these gardens.

Plaza de Capuchinos and Cristo de los Faroles: Built in 1794 by Juan Navarro León this is one of the most beautiful squares in the city.
Calleja de Flores: This is located in the neighbourhood known as the Judería, opposite the northern facade of the Mezquita. It is a small street which ends up in a small square decorated in a typical Cordoba style with lots of potted flowers and lanterns. You get a pretty view of the cathedral tower from here.



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