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Festivals in Spain by Month

A guide to the best events in Spain.

Events in Spain including festivals, fiestas,

concerts and much more

The main national events celebrated throughout Spain are 'Corpus Christi' in late May;

Holy Week ( Semana Santa), the week preceding Easter;

15 August, The Assumption of the Virgin and 25 July the feasts day of Spain's patron, Santiago.

All of the events and fiestas both local and national include fireworks and processions.

The majority of the events in Spain do not stick to a rigid date but tend to move to the

week end following so it's as well to check with the local tourist office.

see list of tourist offices here

January Events in Spain

January festivals and events in Spain includes the noisy "Tamborada Festival" in San Sebastian with 20,000 drummers and flag raising..

In Granada on the 1st and 2nd January is the commemoration of the cities capture by the Catholic Kings.

The Ten Best Cities to Visit in Spain

The ten best places to visit in Spain

More events in Spain January

February Events in Spain

February and March in Spain are full of the most colourful and exciting events in Spain as they are the months of carnivals in Spain

Holy Week

is an annual celebration where Christians commemorate the Passion Death and Resurrection of Jesus It is a period of intense liturgical activity within the various Christian denominations. Many of the solemn Easter processions are televised events in Spain.

Other events and festivals in Spain February
include The Valencia Open Stage festivals which is a series of cultural events held at various venues around the city.

 Read more on this event.

Read more on festivals and events in Spain in February.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Fiestas de Carnaval - Carnival
The dates for carnival for 2013 are 6th to 17th February.
Tenerife says that this is the most flamboyant and extravagant of all carnivals..
 Every year for 15 days Santa Cruz de Tenerife takes on the lifestyle and flavour of the best Brazilian carnivals.   The annual 'fallas' festival in Valencia , Spain is one of Europe's if not one of the world'd best events. In the actual events huge paper mache figures are burnt in the street. These figures have taken months to biuld and the best Valencian craftsmanship is used so before they are burnt the figures are put on display

 Ninot Exhibition
 Valencia February - March
Since 1934, every year Valencia has held its Ninot Exhibition, featuring all the monuments and figures taking part in each Fallas celebration so that visitors can choose which one of them shall be saved from the flames on 19th March.

 Fallas in Valencia and surrounding towns
If you like bonfires then this is the event in Spain for you. Huge figures, some around as tall as a three story building are burnt all over Valencia. The excitement, the smoke, the heat, the incredible smell, the noise- just such an amazing event.
The beginning of spring fills Valencia with over seven hundred wood and cardboard "monuments", figures representing humorous and satirical themes. The 15th is the "plantà", the grand opening, which is followed over several days by an almost infinite series of events, the most outstanding of which are the Offering of the Flowers, the "mascletàs", or giant firecracker sessions, the "nit del foc", or fire night and of course the "cremà" when all the figures are burnt on the last night of the "fallas"

March Events in Spain


Festival de Jerez
Baile flamenco & Spanish dance
Jerez (Cádiz, Spain) February to March

O Antroido
(Carnival Fiestas)
Santiago de Compostela  March
Madrid Carnival

Carnivals in Spain March

Entierro de la Sardina - Burial of the Sardine
Murcia, Spain April

The Burial of the Sardine, the climax of the Spring Festival, is Murcia's wackiest night of the year and one of the best events in Spain with a crazy cavalcade of "giants" and "big-heads" (gigantes and cabezudos), torch-bearers and entertainers, demons and Brazilian samba groups.
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Bilbao's "Aste Nagusia" (Great Week) Celebrations
Fiestas in honour of the Virgen de Begoña during the Semana Grande de Bilbao
March 24, 2013 to March 31, 2013

Semana de la Música Religiosa.
Semana Santa de Cuenca - Religious Music Week. Easter Week in Cuenca. All the drama and religious fervour of the strict ceremony of the Easter traditions enhanced by the addition of music performed by international orchestras and choirs.
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Easter Week in Spain

Semana Santa in Spain Holy Week in Spain Religious Festivals in Spain.

Semana Santa de Riogordo (Málaga)
A deeply religious event in Spain the representation of the death of Jesus Christ.
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Fiesta Exposicion Viño do Ribeiro Ribadavia
One of the best events in Spain is along The River Avia which gives the local wine produces product of their own individual flavour. This wine festival in Ribadavia is always a must see and an essential in any what's on in Spain list; it  is a celebration of the very finest wines produced by the famous vineyards of the area.
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Granada Tango Festival

 In March every year on of the best Spanish dance festivals is held a pulsating event with all the excitement of top class tango dancing is featured for a week in Granada.

La Passió
La Passió de Esparraguera
An event in Spain which dates from the 16th century the Great Theatre of La Passió has been acting in Esparreguera, reminiscent of the old, medieval 'autos'.

 For all lovers of vintage cars an excellent event held every year in Spain in March is the
Barcelona to Sitges International Vintage Car Rally.
If you have a car built before 1924 then why not enter it in the Barcelona to Sitges International Vintage Car Rally.
In 1959, and thanks to the initiative of a group of Sitgetans united under Foment de Turisme de Sitges (Sitges Tourism Promotion), the Barcelona-Sitges International Vintage Car Rally was born.

April Events in Spain

Sevilla Feria de abril
 One of Spain's favourite events. The magic of Seville and a week long party in the spring sunshine. If you think you've ever been to a party-think again. You haven't really partied until you've partied Sevillian style. April to May.

May Events in Spain

Hellín, Albacete
Tamborada (drum-playing)
From April 17,  to April 24,
20,000 drummers banging away in a cacophony of sound for a week at Easter. This the Tamborada in
 Hellín, Albacete and its most important annual event. Possibly the loudest event in Spain.
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Córdoba Crosses of May

 In Cordoba beautiful intricate crosses made of flowers decorate the city streets 1st to 3rd May
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Living Chess

28th August  Spain 
Ajedrez Viviente - Human Chess.
A theatre in the round style event as local school children tell a story enacted as chess pieces on a huge chess board. Brilliant.

 Bull and Horse Droving in Segorbe
Segorbe Patron Saints Fiesta In the Comunitat de Valencia from 6th to 12th September, Segorbe will once again become home to a spectacle that has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest, ‘La Entrada de Toros y Caballos’ (Arrival of the Bulls and Horses)

Primavera Sound Music Festival
Barcelona, Spain  Having been held annually in Barcelona since 2001 The Primavera Sound Festival is one of the best events in Europe attracting visitors from all over the world.
This is a musical event featuring top groups of the moment from both Spanish and international scenes. Electronic groups can be found alongside punk and revival bands. The large crowds at recent editions mean that a larger enclosure is now being used to house the different stages. Location Varias sedes
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Spanish F1 Grand Prix

Formula One, Catalunya, Spain Generally held in May
 Formula One attends the Circuit de Catalunya. The best drivers in the world will all be in Spain. These driving maestros compete in one of the most important races in the calendar. The Circuit has seventeen grandstands, three of which are under cover, and offers plenty of services for an unforgettable stay.
This year there will be twenty-four TV giant screens so that you will not miss any of the action.

Moors and Christians Fiestas  Ontinyent
in honour of the Santísimo Cristo de la Agonía, patron saint of the city.
19th August to 11th September
The Moors from Africa occupied much of Spain for many years until the Christian Monarchs began the re-conquest of their lands. Each town every year celebrates the dates when the Moors where defeated and their town once again becoming Christian.
Every year since 1860 the town of Ontinyent, in Valencia, commemorates the Christian conquest of the town from the Muslim troops. More

Alcances" Atlantic Film Festival
8th - 17th September Set in the beautiful city of Cadiz The Alcances Atlantic Film Festival features  Spanish, European, Latin American and Asian films and there are parallel
 activities such as exhibitions,  contemporary music performances,  theatre and seminars, as well as tributes and film sessions dedicated to important
 figures of international cinema. Read More

The Vila-real International Dance Festival
2nd to 6th September  Read More

Carthaginians and Romans Cartagena
19th - 28th September
Way back The Romans were the ruling force in Cartagena and there were huge battles in the area on land and sea with such Hannibal.
Some of these important events in their history are celebrated by the town every year. They make a huge entertaining event of it. Lots of locals dressed as troops. Sea battles. A re-enactment of the wedding of Hannibal and Himilce A Roman Circus Then a representation of Hannibal setting of on his epic journey to Rome with his elephants and all. Really this is a great festival. Read More

June Events in Spain

Sant Joan - Midsummer's Eve Barcelona June
Barcelona  wildest party (they say its in honour of the cities patron saint St Joan) drinking cava, eating a local delicacy 'coca de St Joan', a dry cake with candied fruit of various kinds on top, huge firework displays and partying on the beach till dawn.

July Events in Spain

Festival of Our Lady of Loreto.
Javea/Xabia Costa Blanca In Javea and Denia on The Costa Blanca North in Spain at the end of August the local's take their chances against the bulls. In this fun event in Spain the idea is to try and get the bull to jump into the harbour. The local young men totter on the edge of the harbour and try to get the bull to run at them. The lads jump out of the way and hope the bull falls in. It's not often the bulls are that stupid. This is a good fun event with lots of laughs and the bull wins. One of the many odd and whacky events in Spain. Festival of Our Lady of Loreto.

August to September

Festa del Moscatell
Teulada - Moraira

 Wine harvest parade  
14th to 23rd August

September Events in Spain

Pobla del Duc
The Fiesta de la Raïmà
1st September
The Raïmà: a battle with grapes in Pobla del Duc. Strangely, though perhaps not so strange in Spain, the humble item is used as weapon as the locals throw bunches of grapes at each other in the street. One of the best quirky events in Spain.

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October Events in Spain

O Grove Seafood Festival
4 - 14 Oct

 O Grove (El Grove)
O Grove, Galicia where the local people earn their living from seafood has an annual festival to show off the excellence of their  shell fish and fish.

The Fiesta de Exaltación del Marisco (Seafood Festival) thousands of visitors every year. Read More

Held since1754 the San Froilán Fiestas in
Lugo, Galicia have become one of the most important events in Spain.
4 to 12 October. Read More

Zaragoza Pilar Fiesta
October 8 to 16
Zaragoza (Zaragoza)Some of the most popular events in Spain occur In October during the Zaragoza Pilar Fiestas.
The Pilar Fiestas are the main annual fiestas in the regional capital of Aragon and are some of the popular fiestas and traditional events in Spain, and include by a wide variety of activities for al the family that fill the streets with fun, colour and entertainment for a week at the least. The fiesta includes events such as theatre performances, concerts, children's entertainment (puppet shows, clowns, magic...), shows, dance, bullfights, craft exhibitions, all kinds of music (from regional folk to pop-rock and electronic sounds at the Independent Music Festival) and many more. Read More

Held since1754 the San Froilán Fiestas in
Lugo, Galicia have become one of the most important events in Spain.
4 to 12 October. Read More

 Crevillent Moors and Christians
In honour of San Francisco de Asís
28 September to 4th October. More

Festa da Historia - History Festival

Fiesta of Ribadavia History
August 27,  Spain

The local people of Ribadavia take you back to the Middle Ages for a day.

Festival in honour of Christopher Columbus

. One of the best festivals in Spain. The events include swimming competitions, other sporting events, theatre, music and bull fights. More

The Villablanca International Dance Festival
25th & 26th August
Read More

The Francisco Tárrega Guitar Contest
25 August to 2 September
guitar classic in Benicàssim.
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Ronda International Folk Gala
26 to 28 August   Read More

Almería fair
August Spain 
  A series of different events for all the family in this, one of the best events in Spain the Almeria Fair and Fiestas, in honour of the city's patron, the Virgin of the Sea.
There are concerts and shows, a Pottery Fair and the Horse Fair, with classical and "vaquero" (cowboy) dressage competitions, along with the Flamenco Festival.
There are spectacular Bullfights with a novillada (with young bulls), one horseback bullfight and five normal bullfights to be held in the town's bullring.

Avenida de Vilchez s/n
04008 Almería (Almería)
Tel.:+34 950220538
Contact details
Tel.: +34 950210538


Festival: “Noches de Embrujo”
(Enchanting Nights)

1st July to 31st August
The list of events is immense: theatre performances, classical music concerts,
poetry recitals, film, equestrian shows, flamenco shows, dance, guided walks, conferences… In total, more than 200 events that comprise a major cultural fiesta.
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Valladolid International Film Week. SEMINCI
22-29 October
The main stage for The Valladolid International Film Festival, SEMINCI. Calderón Theatre, although films will be screened at other venues throughout the city. What's On in Spain. Best Events in Spain22-29 October
The main stage for The Valladolid International Film Festival, SEMINCI. Calderón Theatre, although films will be screened at other venues throughout the city. What's On in Spain. Best Events in Spain

August Events in Spain

An exciting and beautiful fiesta that is one of the best events in Spain is the
Festival in honour of Christopher Columbus
which is held every August in Huelva. One of the best festivals in Spain. The events include swimming competitions, other sporting events, theatre, music and bull fights.

'La Tomatina'- The Tomato fight in the street
 Spain has many crazy or weird festivals and events; Spain also has many food fights for a variety of reasons. 'La Tomatina' is the tomato version of these food fights and has been held every year in the streets of Bunol just outside Valencia since 1945. It's all a bit ridiculous as thousands of people in their oldest clothes or little in the way of clothes gather to hurl tomatoes at each other which are kindly donated by the The City Hall of Buñol. The council having encouraged this ridiculous event have now published a set of rules:
You must not bring bottles or other type of objects which could cause an accident.
 You must not break or throw T-shirts.
The tomatoes must be squashed before throwing them, to avoid hurting people.
 You must be careful of any lorry.
When you hear the second shot, you must stop throwing tomatoes.
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A medieval event that continues to this day is
The Misteri d'Elx (Elche Mystery Plays)
11th to 15th August

Peñíscola Flamenco Festival
13th to 15th August
Peñíscola is hosting the second edition of its Flamenco Festival. Come and enjoy the performances, the incredible beaches and the delicious local food and drink.

Ribadavia medieval festival of History,
The last Saturday in August every year.

Don't miss this spectacular annual fiesta on The Costa Blanca, Spain.
One of the best fireworks  displays in the world
An annual event fireworks and music combine to create a spectacular festival.  One of  the Not to be missed events in Spain
Altea between Benidorm and Calpe, Costa Blanca, Spain August every year

Fiesta de Verano
August. Malaga, Andalucia Spain

Barcelona Summer Festival
he Barcelona Summer Festival, so called because it lasts most of the summer in Barcelona is also known as 'The Grec Festival' and is a high light event in Barcelona's cultural calendar. One of the best events in Spain every year its stature grows and it features a wide ranging programme of world class music, dance and drama.

San Fermin (Running of the Bulls)
Spain July
The annual festival honouring Saint Fermin in the town of Pamplona is one of most famous events in Spain in for its Running he reality is that most towns and villages across Spain have such events several times through out the year. A great event in Spain though and try to get to see one of the many street running bulls events.  The town of Pamplona is in the north-east of Spain.

A unique event held every year in Spain in July is the infamous Spanish sword dance. 'Baile del Patatu. Dance of Patatu
Obejo  11th to 14th July

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International "Julián Arcas" Classical Guitar Competition
The International "Julián Arcas" Classical Guitar Competition is held in Almería.
Open to all classical guitarists, the competition is divided into three sections: the “Antonio de Torres” section for the under 13s, the “José Tomás” section for the under 18s, and the “Julián Arcas” section for all ages.
2014 tbc
Contact details

Tourist offices in Spain, Almería
Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Almería. Location
Plaza Bendicho s/n, 4001
Almería (Almería)
Contact details
Tel.: +34 950621117



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