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 Ninot Exhibition

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 Ninot Exhibition
Since 1934, every year Valencia has held its Ninot Exhibition, featuring all the monuments and figures taking part in each Fallas celebration so that visitors can choose which one of them shall be saved from the flames on 19th March. Become a member of the jury!
Once again this year, Valencia will be holding its unique Ninot Exhibition in Nuevo Centro. A selection of the monuments and figures taking part in each Fallas celebration will be included in the Fallas Museum, having been previously selected by the visitors themselves.

They will choose the Ninot indultat through their votes; in other words, they will vote for the monument or figure which will be saved from the flames on 19th March to become part of the Fallas Museum collection, the only museum of its kind, which exhibits all the figures that have been 'pardoned' throughout history. Here, we can see the changes in the materials used to create these monuments - wax, stone, polyester or polystyrene - as well as the different styles.

The Ninot Exhibition has been held in a number of different settings, including the Hall of Columns in the former Exchange, the lower level of the Central Market, and the lower level of Ruzafa Market. The change in location has been motivated by the logistical problem of displaying over 760 figures in the adult and children's categories, which compete every year.

.. .In 2004, the Ninot Exhibition moved to a large marquee in the square known as the Plaza Exterior de Nuevo Centro, built 'ex profeso' to house the exhibition and the over 1,700 square metres it required.

Now, visitors can judge the exhibits in a large, well-lit space, which gives each piece the room it needs, set against an opaque background, so they can cast their vote based on sound judgement.


Contact details
Calle del Ninot 24, (Esq. Avenida San José Artesano, 17)
46025 Valencia (Valencia)


Tel.:+34 963479623
Tel.:+34 963476585
A historical record presented in this museum where the ninots (giant papier-maché models) which every year are pardoned and saved from the flames by the Association of Fallas Artists during the celebration of Valencia's festival of the Fallas are on display.

As well as the children's and full-sized fallas pardoned by the Association, visitors can also see the models of the official fallas in recent years, and other more unusual creations such as the falla depicting Gulliver (the children's park in theTuria Gardens). The museum also includes an exhibition of photographs of the festivities since 1902, as well as the typical costumes worn by the falleros, and an audiovisual presentation explaining the way the fallas are made.
Valencia Fallas


Calle Paz,48
46003 - VALENCIA
Tel: 963986422
Fax : 963986421
Email: valencia@touristinfo.net


Av.de la Plata, 117
46006 Valencia

Teléfonos de contacto:

963 521 730 /

963 521 789

e-mail: jcf@fallas.com