Fuente Carreteros - The Fiesta of the Mad.  La fiesta de Los Loco
Fuente Carreteros - The Fiesta of the Mad
 La fiesta de Los Loco
28 December
A Festival of lunatic, high energy dances and brilliant costumes.  Drama, Street theatre, noise, excitement. Let your hair down and join in the fun.

Six dancers, directed by a master of swords, and accompanied by six musicians dodge, twist and dive to the rhythms. Every once in a while, six gunmen release a single shot from their muskets to mark the beginning and end of the music. All in all, the show makes up quite a recipe for entertainment.

You can tell by the names of the dances what it is all about
 la Danza de los Locos, the dance of the mad ones, or La Loquilla, meaning madness.
 "dance of the bear". One of the dance troupe dresses up as a bear and saunters about the streets, to the taunts and jabs of local children.

Enjoy the traditional foods
 sweet cakes and anis, a local tipple, before taking part in the consumption of an enormous paella which feeds the whole village!

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