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Gibraleón Carnival


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Gibraleón Carnival.
Carnivals In Spain
March 18th
 Huelva, Andalucia, Spain
 Tel. 959300211
Gibraleón Canavales 2014 will start on Friday 21 with a carnival party for schools located in the Plaza of Spain and in the afternoon the Children Carnival in the Exhibition Pavilion. Saturday 22 will turn to the performance of the Joke "With Pringle and Feeling" in the Plaza of Spain, the parade will depart from the Plaza of Spain, Costume Party at the fairgrounds in which the prizes will be delivered to the best costumes. Gibraleón will live Cadiz Carnival since, has prepared a tour for Saturday March 1st to live one day Carnival in silver cup.
 Carnival. Two different associations fill the carnival with colour and sharp criticism. Every year the Town Hall organises a carnival gala with the local and provincial carnival groups including some from the city of Cádiz. There is also a street parade and the burial of the melon on the last day of the carnival.


Gibraleon Carnaval 2014





Gibraleon, Huelva Carnival