Robo del Santo
Robo del Santo
Caniles, Granada
18 to 20 January
The 18th to 20th January sees the celebration of San Sebastian Day. It is popularly called ‘ El Robo del sant ’ (the stealing of the Saint).
An  interesting tradition ‘ Robo del Santo’.
During the time of the plague which ravaged the village of Caniles, somehow those who live in the San Sebastian Street, where the Hermitage was, were not affected by the epidemic. Naturally the people believed that the saint had intervened and protected these people from infection. Some families took up refuge in the Hermitage and even stole the image of the saint in an attempt to protect themselves. To this day, fights are re-enacted during the festive celebrations in Caniles each January. Nowadays they fight as a symbolic gesture and the losers have to pay the cost of the festivities, great entertainment in Spain. Festivals in Spain. Festivals in Granada.