Jerez De La Frontera
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The cultural wealth of Jerez de la Frontera is due, in large part, to the enormous influence of the different civilisations which have flourished together in the city and whose heritage can be discovered by simply strolling through its streets. The remains of the Phoenician and Greek cultures which are conserved in the Archaeological Museum, the mosque and the citadel of the Alcazar, of Arabic influence, the impressive cathedral where the blend of styles ranging from the Gothic, Baroque and the Neo - classical are combined. To these marvellous monuments we should add the centuries - old vineyards, wine cellars and sherry bodegas which are internationally renowned. The Muslims called the town Scheris, from which 'Jerez' and 'sherry' are derived.

The Spanish word bodega means "cellar", but it has the generical meaning of "wine manufacturer". You can take a guided tour of the many Jerez bodegas. Some of the companies such as Gonzalez Byass, Pedro Domecq and Sandeman - British winemakers have been active here for centuries, which is why many of the names have an Anglo-Saxon ring to them - provided guided tours of the cellars on weekdays, followed by sampling of the various types of wine produced.

For more than two centuries, Jerez has been famous for being one of the most important craddles of Flamenco. The universality of flamenco is indisputably recognized by the very best artists of this art and by good flamenco lovers. They define Jerez as the most important spot for flamenco.

The horse is another of the signs that identify these lands. The existence of excellent grazing lands on the mud flats and the good climate work together in the breeding of fine examples of horses which have been admired since ancient times. With the incorporation of Jerez into the Crown of Castile in 1264, horses have played an important part in the lives of the people of Jerez and it has been with pride that they have maintained the monopoly of the race. There has been constant concern for the selection and breeding with the aim of making this breed effective in battle and in recreational activities alike. We should not forget that Jerez was, as its name indicates, at the frontier of the kingdom of Granada and that the sports and festivities in which horses participated, were no more than a rehearsal in which the horses could be prepared to intervene in the frequent frontier skirmishes which took place.

Apart from being a nice city with all the attractiveness and peculiarities of Andalusia, the location of Jerez is exceptional: At the southwest of occidental Andalusia and at the northwest of the province of Cadiz. It is sited at a countryside formed by the meadows of both "Guadalquivir" and "Guadalete" rivers. There are more than 3,200 sun hours,that is, 295 days! An average of 11°C in winter and 25°C in summer.

The extraordinary weather is caused by the latitude and the closeness to the sea, just 15 km from the nearest beach. Jerez has a population of 190,000 inhabitants. Besides, it has an international airport which constitutes one of the main elements for the tourist growth of the province of Cadiz. These modern installations were recently built and it enables passengers to fly to any town. The railway station was recently renovated and there are a large number of connecting trains with other big cities and county towns. Thanks to the High Speed Train (AVE),you can arrive at Madrid in just a few hours. Other train with an exceptional tourist prestigious is the Al-Andalus which has Jerez as one of the fixed destinations. As far as the road network is concerned, highways easily connect Jerez for a short time with both the nearest towns and those belonging to other regions.

The best time to come is during one of the two major festivals. You can come in May when the well-known May Horse Fair takes place or you can come in September. September is a special month in Jerez . It is time for the wine harvest and a time to party. This period of the year constitutes an excellent occasion for activities such as walking, getting to know the city and enjoying it

Jerez de la Frontera-Cadiz
December to 6th January  
 Christmas celebrations include a Christmas market, a competition for the best Nativity scenes and “Zambombas
Jerez de la Frontera is known for its sherry. It is located near Sevilla and it is a nice place to visit during your stay in Andalusia. The best time to come is during one of the two major festivals. On the one hand you can come in May when the well-known May Horse Fair takes place. On the other hand the celebration of the vintage in September should motivate the traveler to come to this city. Most visitors also come here to taste and buy the famous sherry or brandy in one of the many bodegas.

But there is more to Jerez than festivals and alcohol. To get acquainted with the city, for a first impression, take a hour’s bustour. Visit the Royal Equestrian School with it’s most impressive show, usually at Thursday mornings. It is similar as the horse shows in Vienna but far easier to attend. And do not forget Jerez’s own little alcazar. It has some interesting features, mosque, bathes, olive oil production in early days and a nice camera obscura. If things get too hot go to nearby Santa Maria. Ocean winds at last!
Jerez de la Frontera has a pleasant castle (Alcazar), a cathedral, a museum with the largest collection of clocks in all of Europe, and is renowned for its equestrian school. But, Jerez del la Frontera's real fame comes from its production of Sherry. No other region in Europe can produce a similar wine and call it Sherry; real Sherry only comes from Jerez.
Jerez de la Frontera
Jerez de la Frontera Drum festival.
8th December to the 6th January
  Jerez de la Frontera
Jerez de la Frontera-Cadiz
Christmas Celebrations
6th December to 6th January  
Jerez de la Frontera Horse and Sherry Fair
27 April to 4 May
Jerez de la Frontera Flamenco Festival