La Rioja
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La Rioja
Tourist Office:
Paseo del Espolón, Principe de Vergara, 1 - 26071 Logroņo (La Rioja)
Tel. +34 941291260 Fax +34 941291640
Between the Ebro depression and the Iberian mountain range
The autonomous region of La Rioja lies in the north of Spain. It borders the Basque Country and Navarre in the north, Aragon in the east, and Castile and Leon in the south and east.

This one province autonomous region lies between the Ebro depression and the Iberian mountain range, and includes the Demanda sierra with its San Lorenzo peaks (2,262 m) and the Cameros Nuevo sierra (1,877 m). Demanda sierra decreases further inland until it merges with the Central Plateau. Bordering with Soria in the south, the Picos de Urbion and the Sierra Cebollera reach heights of over 2,000 metres. The plains stretch over the central part of the region forming the Ebro depression, where the river Ebro flows through the northern reaches of the region. The river continues its route along Conchas de Haro in the west and exits La Rioja through Alfaro in the east. Other rivers that flow from the Ebro basin are the Oja, el Najerilla, el Iregua, el Leza, el Cidacos and el Alhama rivers
Museo del Calzado - Footwear Museum
Contact Address:
Calle Palacio, 10 26580 Arnedo (La Rioja)
Tel. +34 941383151 Tel. +34 941381685
All about shoes
This centre, opened in 1984, is devoted to the machinery and processes used in the manufacture of artisanal footwear.
The museum takes visitors on a journey through the history of shoemaking from the 16th century to the present. There is a section that deals with leather shoes and another one for espadrilles, for which this city is famous. The latter section includes the making of the rope as well as the shoe manufacturing process

Concatedral de La Redonda (Logroņo)

Iglesia de San Bartolomé (Logroņo)

Catedral de Santo Domingo de la Calzada (Santo Domingo de la Calzada)

Iglesia-Fortaleza Santa María la Mayor (San Vicente de la Sonsierra)

Catedral de Calahorra (Calahorra)

Monasterio de Suso (San Millán de la Cogolla) (San Millán de la Cogolla)

Monasterio de Yuso (San Millán de la Cogolla) (San Millán de la Cogolla)

Monasterio de Santa María de San Salvador de Caņas (Caņas)

Monasterio de Santa María La Real (Nájera)

Gran Hotel AC La Rioja (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941272350
Carlton Rioja (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941242100
Husa Gran Vía (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941287850

NH Herencia Rioja (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941210222

Gaunas, Las (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941221314

Murrieta (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941224150
NH Express Logroņo (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941519270

NH Logroņo (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941519270

Partner Condes de Haro (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941208500
Zenit Logroņo (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941271555

Mesón Pepa (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941234011
Niza (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941206044

Numantina, La (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941251411

Rioja Condestable (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941247288

Tryp Bracos (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941226608


Aibiao Zhan (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941212960

Ang Xai (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941233212
Anzuelo de Oro (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941224506 +34 941224506

Asador El Muro SC. (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941211604

Asador Emilio (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941233141 +34 941233141

Asador Restaurante El Portalon (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941241334

Asador Sanyago (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941205311

Asador Zubillaga (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941220076 +34 941220076

Ascarza y Martinez SL. (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941223383

Baigorri Casa Juan (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941202973

Bar Restaurante Joype (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941246670

Bocata Rioja SL. (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941254055

Bocata World (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941203824

Bodegon El Refugio (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941201548

Bolera Hosteleria (Logroņo)
tel. +34 941207111






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