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Mercedes-Benz Madrid International Fashion Week
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid will hold its next edition from 18 to 22 February 2013. This is the largest platform to promote Spanish fashion on the international scene, gathering the best current international designers in the city of Madrid .

The Madrid Fair Grounds welcome the
Mercedes-Benz Madrid International Fashion Week
 an event that increases the presence of Spanish design every year on the international fashion scene. For five days, numerous prestigious brand names will be represented, professionals from all over the world come to present the public with the new trends in fashion. One of the goals is to contribute to exporting Spanish fashion design. Likewise, the event is an opportunity for upcoming young designers with EGO: a platform for the promotion of new fashion trends.
Twice a year, Madrid becomes a showcase for the most-coveted creations by the world's most visionary designers: future objects of desire in the form of winter wear.

Designers such as Jesús del Pozo, Victorio & Lucchino, Davidelfin, Ion Fiz, Hannibal Laguna are just some of the big names who will be showing their collections in an event that has been gauging the pulse of fashion for more than 50 years. The fall/winter designs by these and other couturiers will be shown on the event's two catwalks (the Sala Cibeles and Sala Lancia).

El Ego de Cibeles, which traditionally takes place on the first day of the event, is a catwalk dedicated to young, more cutting-edge designers. It continues to rise in importance this year, garnering as much attention as its big sister. The innovative work of up-and-coming designers are featured in this part of the show.


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IFEMA. Fair of Madrid
Recinto Ferial Juan Carlos I,
s/n 28042 Madrid (Madrid)
Tel. +34 917225000
+34 917225180
Tourist Office:
Plaza de Colón, 28013
Tel. +34 915881636


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IFEMA. Feria de Madrid

Address: Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I

Telephone: (+34) 91 722 50 00
Website: IFEMA. Feria de Madrid
Bus: 112 , 122 , 828
Metro: Campo de las Naciones (L8)
Opening hours: 12 noon to 9pm.
Accessibility: The venue has eight entrances accessible to guests with disabilities at the various ends of the building (north, south, east and west).
Services: IFEMA has medical and emergency care, a post office branch, a bazaar, a tobacconist's, a children's room, a Business Centre, a boutique, information points, parking (14,000 spots) with ticket machines, a cloakroom and a bus service.
Ticket sales: Counters

Day 1:

* 10:30 h. Roberto Verino

* 12:00 h. Jesús del Pozo

* 13:30 h. Francis Montesinos

* 15:00 h. Duyos

* 16:30 h. Devota & Lomba

* 18:00 h. Victorio & Lucchino

* 19:30 h. Ágata Ruiz de la Prada

* 21:00 h. Elisa Palomino 12:00 Jesús del Pozo

Day 2:

* 10:30 h. Ailanto

* 12:00 h. Andrés Sardá

* 13:30 h. Amaya Arzuaga

* 15:00 h. Roberto Torretta

* 16:30 h. Juanjo Oliva

* 18:00 h. Ángel Schlesser

* 19:30 h. Miguel Palacio

* 21:00 h. Lemoniez

Day 3:

* 10:30 h. Teresa Helbig

* 12:00 h. Davidelfin

* 13:30 h. Hannibal Laguna

* 15:00 h. Ion Fiz - Juana Martín

* 16:30 h. Ana Locking

* 18:00 h. Kina Fernández

* 19:30 h. Aristocrazy

Day 4:

* 10:30 h. Maya Hansen - Martín Lamothe

* 12:00 h. Sita Murt

* 13:30 h. TCN

* 15:00 h. Carlos Díez - María Escoté

* 16:30 h. Sara Coleman - María Barros

* 17:45 h. Premio L'Oréal

* 18:00 h. Miguel Marinero - Jesús Lorenzo

Day 5: EGO

* 11:00 h. Moisés Nieto - Shen Lin

* 13:00 h. El Colmillo de Morsa - David del Río

* 15:00 h. Stenerös - Mercedes Castro

* 17:00 h. Ixone Elzo - Leandro Cano

* 18:45 h. Premio L'Oréal

* 19:00 h. LE - River William








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