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Casa Patas is a famous Flamenco tavern in Madrid with nightly shows by Flamenco performers. Tapas are served. Address: Calle de Cañizares 10, Madrid. Reservations: +34-91 369 04 96 or + 34-91 429 72 89, E-mail: cpatas@teleline.es.

El Corral de la Morería is the oldest and most famous tablao flamenco in the world. It presents a premiere national figure of Flammenco every night. Calle Morería, 17 -28005 Madrid. Tel. (+34) 913658446 - 913651137, Fax (+34) 913641219. E-mail:
El Corral de la Pacheca is one of Spain's best and most famous tablaos (flamenco nightclubs) It's not difficult to spot movie stars, monarchs, pop singers and other international celebrities dining there. Address: Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez 26, 28036 Madrid. Phone: +34-91 353 01 00 /01.
E-mail: info@corraldelapacheca.com

Galileo Galilei is a top club for world music. Address: Calle Galileo 100, Madrid. Phone: +34-91 534-7557/8.
 E-mail: clientes@salagalileogalilei.com.
 Metro station: Islas Filipinas.
Zanzibar has a weekly world
music jam session every Tuesday.
 Address: Zanzibar, calle Regueros 9, Metro stations: Chueca and A. Martínez.
Sala Juglar, an eclectic club, has become a trendy place for new acts, including mestizo music and Flamenco.
Calle Lavapies 37.
Metro stations: Lavapies, Tirso, Antón Martín.

Lavarte Café Bar Cultural, in the Lavapiés barrio, features world music, jazz and other genres, as well as theater, poetry and other arts.
Address: Lavapiés 50, Madrid. Phone: 615 115 627.
E-mail: lavartebar at yahoo.es
Taboó has concerts by worldbeat and electronic artists as well as DJs. Open 22:30 - 06:00h. Address: San Vicente Ferrer 23, 28004 Madrid, Spain. Phone: (34) 91 524 1189, Fax: (34) 91 524 1190.
E-mail: taboo@taboo-madrid.com

Bar Café Clamores Jazz. is a popular venue for jazz and world music. Address: Calle Alburquerque 14, at Palafox, Madrid.
Phone: +34-91-445-7938.

Sala Caracol presents an eclectic mix of sounds, including flamenco, dub and world music.
Calle Bernardino Obregón 18.
Phones: +34 91.5285471 / 91.5273594,
. Metro station: Embajadores.

Lamala presents folk music as well as funk, jazz, reggae, and hip-hop jam sessions. The last Sunday of the month at 1 p.m. there is a folk (traditional) music jam. All folk musicians are invited to participate. Address: Calle Seseña 9, 28024 Madrid. Phone: +34-91-711-15-43. Metro stations: Aluche and Campamento.
Empire is a disco that some consider one of the best salsa clubs in Madrid. It now has a Tuesday jam session for the growing number of Latin jazz musicians living in Madrid. Sometimes they have special programs with live music and dancing shows from Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. The DJs play salsa, merengue, bachata, and reggaeton. Free salsa lessons on Sunday at 23:00. Address: Paseo de Recoletos 16. Metro station: Banco de España.

Reggae Bus Stop en Babylon presents reggae concerts. Calle Recoletos 11, Madrid. Metro station: Colon.

Café de Chinitas is a tablao (flamenco nightclub) with a restaurant, located in a historic 18th century palace. Address: Calle Torija 7, Madrid. Phone: +34 91 547 15 02.
E-mail: reservas@chinitas.com.
Metro station: Santo Domingo.

Las Carboneras is a  flamenco club (tablao) in the Spanish capital.
Address: Plaza del Conde de Miranda 1, Madrid.

Círculo de Bellas Artes programs all kinds of cultural events, including world music. Address: Calle de Alcalá 42, Madrid.
Phone: +34-91-360-5400.

Casa Persa (Persian House) is a cultural center run by the Spanish-Persian Cultural Association. It features Sufi and Persian folk music concerts, as well as poetry readings and other events. Calle Silva N.6 1A, Madrid 28013.

Caravasar is a live music venue in the city of Boadilla del Monte, in the northwestern Madrid suburbs, that programs: jazz, blues, flamenco, fusion, world music, etc. Address: Calle José Antonio, 10, 28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid. Phone: +34 91 632 44 64.

is a club dedicated to Deep House, Latin Jazz, Soul, Funk, Latin House, R'N'B, etc. Ortega y Gasset, 73, Madrid, 28006, Spain. Phone: +34-609 125 183. E-mail: nuyorican@housemusic.com

La Axarquía has live shows, including flamenco, sevillanas, rumbas, and salsa. Address: Calle Calatrava 32, Madrid. Phone: +34 91 366 66 0. Metro stations: La Latina & Puerta de Toledo.

Babel Café is not located in Madrid's metro area, but it is in the monumental city of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, in the mountains of Madrid, a favorite weekend and summer residence area for many of the city's residents. The café presents world music, jazz, tango and other types of music. Address: Juan de Austria 7, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid. Phone: +34 91 896 0522.

Alí Babá is a disco in Madrid that specializes in North African music. Calle Príncipe de Vergara 39, Madrid.
Juanchito is one of the best salsa clubs in Madrid. It has two locations: Avenida Matapiñonera 6, San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid). Buses from Plaza de Castilla 152 and 156; and Calle Fundadores 7, Madrid. Metro station: Manuel Becerra.

Costello Cafe & Nite Club programs music and theatre. The music is eclectic and sometimes includes roots sounds. Costello Cafe & Nite Club, Calle Caballero de Gracia nº10, 28013 Madrid. Phone: 91 522 18 15. E-mail:

Jazz Clubs
El Despertar, Calle Torrecilla del Leal 18.

Populart, Calle Huertas 22.

Clamores Jazz, Calle Alburquerque, 14.

Café Central, Plaza del Ángel 10.

Bogui, Calle Barquillo 29.

Berlín Jazz Café, Calle Jacometrezo 4.

Calle 54, Paseo de La Habana 3.
O'Neills Pub
Príncipe, 12
Madrid 28012 Spain
+34 91 521 2030
Open Hours
Noon-2a Su-Th, noon-3a F-Sa
With 1100m2-worth of space spread over two floors and full of nooks and crannies decorated with typical rustic artifacts from the emerald isle, it claims to be the largest Irish pub in Europe. Its version of a traditional Irish breakfast fry-up of eggs, chips, bacon, sausages and black pudding will set you up for a night on the town. You'll hear all languages spoken here, as it attracts a clientele made up of locals and masses of tourists that haunt the Plaza de Santa Ana area. As you would expect, it offers a wide variety of beers and whiskeys, and plays a lively selection of music.
Open Hours: Noon-2a Su-Th,
 noon-3a F-Sa
Casa Patas
Cañizares, 10
Madrid 28012 Spain
+34 91 369 0496 / +34 91 369 3394
Open Hours
Lunch: Noon-5p M-Sa, Dinner: 8p onwards M-Sa
With five different shows on per week, Casa Patas is undoubtedly one of the capital´s most important flamenco clubs. It attracts first-class performers and true aficionados. All the most famous stars of today have passed through here at one time or another. Performances start around midnight and you can make a real night out of it by coming for dinner as well. The restaurant specializes in wholesome Spanish home-cooking with dishes like Rabo de Toro (oxtail stew).
Arenal, 11
Madrid 28013 Spain
+34 91 366 3733
Open Hours
11:30p-5:30a M-Th; 11:30p-6a F-Sa
Joy is without a doubt Madrid's most famous nightclub which attracts the rich and famous from all over the world as well as a faithful local crowd. It changed its name from Joy Eslava after a fire and consequent renovation work in 1998, but most people still call it by its original name. The building was originally a theatre and dates from the 1870s.
Puente de Toledo
Glorieta del Marques de Vadillo
Madrid 28019 Spain
+34 91 588 2900 (Tourism Office)
Open Hours
24 hrs
The baroque shrines holding images of San Isidro and Santa María de la Cabeza make this nine-arched bridge over the River Manzanares the most attractive in Madrid. It's closed to traffic so you can enjoy walking over it in peace. If you head down from the Toledo gate, you'll find it between the Pirámides and Marques de Vadillo roundabouts. It was built by Pedro de Ribera during the reign of Felipe V.
Tapas Bars
La Trucha
Meeting place of artists and personalities from the theatre. This bar is noted for its Malaga- style "pescaíto" (fried whitebait), smoked fish platters and Almagro aubergines... plus many more surprises.
Manuel Fernández y González, 3,Madrid
Telephone: 914 295 833
Just by looking at its décor you can tell you are in one of the most modern pubs of the renovated Plaza Santa Ana.
Of particular note is the bar's ample selection of small portions and tasty helpings: sweetbreads with garlic and Madrid-style tripe are just aportions and tasty helpings: sweetbreads with garlic and Madrid-style tripe are just a couple of its specialities.
Plaza de Santa Ana, 6. Madrid
Telephone: 914 292 272
Palacio de Gaviria
/ Arenal, 9
Madrid 28013 Spain
+34 91 526 6069
Open Hours
11p onwards M-Su
Once a mid-19th century meeting place for Madrid's high society, this beautiful palace is now a luxurious disco, open to the general public. There is a different special theme every night: Tuesday nights it is salsa, Wednesdays are for tango, and Thursday nights you can enjoy the International Fiesta. Manuel Gaviria, a prominent banker, hired an Italian architect to create the Renaissance-style palace in 1846. Sadly, the neon signs and tacky shops and bars on the busy street level detract more than a little from what must have been a magnificent external appearance.
Cafe Figueroa
Augusto Figueroa, 17
Madrid 28005 Spain
+34 91 5211673
Open Hours
4pm-midnight Sun-Thu; 4pm-2.30am Fri & Sat
With its marble-topped tables, wooden chairs, lace curtains and old mirrors on the walls, this cafe looks as if it has been here forever. It attracts a mainly gay clientele and it's normally busy, especially for the Carnival theme parties. If you come in the afternoon, when it's quieter, you can sit and read the newspapers in peace or play a game of pool. However, expect to pay nightclub prices for a coffee.
Casa Mingo
Paseo de la Florida, 2
Madrid 28008 Spain
+34 91 547 7918
Open Hours
11a-midnight M-Su
With its totally rustic interior decor, this popular restaurant is reminiscent of traditional Asturian cider bars in northern Spain. The menu is sensibly limited to just a few tried and tested favourites that everyone likes, and they are produced with care and attention. Try the succulent roast chicken, the crusty empanadas (meat and fish pies), the hearty Spanish omelette or the spicy chorizo sausage cooked in cider. To drink, there is just fresh cider. Prices are reasonable and it attracts lots of ordinary people who don't want to spend too much, as well as a fair sprinkling of tourists who have read or heard about the place. Head for the large outdoor terrace in summertime.
Vaca Argentina (La)
Calle Bailen, 20
Madrid 28005 Spain
+34 91 365 6654
Part of a chain that specialises in serving traditional cuts of grilled Argentine beef. Order a portion of provoletta (grilled provolone cheese topped with olive oil and herbs) and a salad to go with your meat, and for dessert, try panqueque de dulce de leche (pancakes topped with sweet, thick caramel). The pampas ranch-style decor of imitation adobe, wood, cowhides, swing doors and antique furniture is very attractive.
Record stores in Madrid
For Flamenco music and accessories, there is El Flamenco Vive, Calle Conde de Lemos 7, 28013 Madrid. Phone: +34- 91 547 39 17. Metro station: Opera.

Tununtunumba sells music instruments from many countries and also world music CDs. Calle Santa María 34, Madrid. Phone: +34 91 420 04 50.

Up Beat carries a large selection of reggae, dancehall and other styles. Calle Espíritu Santo 7, Malasaña district, Madrid. Phone: +34 91 522 76 60. Metro station: Tribunal.

Harmonia Mundi has a store with a good selection of world music, flamenco, jazz, classical and Early music. Calle Sagasta 7. Madrid. Metro station: Bilbao. E mail: madrid@harmoniamundi.com

El Corte Inglés is a Spanish chain of quality department stores that has large shops or sections that sell music. In Madrid it has a large Discotienda (music store) in the downtown area at Calle Preciados 1. Phone: +34 - 91 379 8000, Fax: +34-91 521 5657. Metro stations: Callao & Sol.

The FNAC megastore, also downtown, has large separate sections dedicated to flamenco and world music. Calle Preciados 28, 28004 Madrid. Phone: +34 91 595 62 0. Metro stations: Callao & Sol.
Other instruments

To purchase percussion instruments you can visit the Taller de Percusión Gámez shop. Calle Goiri 11, 28039 Madrid. Phone: +34-91-733 1221. Metro station: Estrecho.

There are also two branches of Total Percusión at Calle Alberto Aguilera 50 and Calle Valverde 8.
Total Percusión specializes in percussion. Calle Valverde 8. Phone: +34 91.552.66.64

Tununtunumba sells music instruments from many countries. Calle Santa María 34, Madrid. Phone: +34 91 420 04 50.

Garrido Bailén sells a wide variety of instruments, including Spanish and international folk instruments. Calle Mayor 88 Esquina Bailén. Phone: +34 91.542.45.01.

Victor Barral makes and sells percussion instruments. Phone: +34 91.314.11.36.
Cultural Centres in Madrid
Casa Persa (Persian House) is a cultural center run by the Spanish-Persian Cultural Association. It features Sufi and Persian folk music concerts, as well as poetry readings and other events. Calle Silva N.6 1A, Madrid 28013.
La Casa Encendida is a new cultural center funded by one of Madrid's largest banks, Caja de Madrid. It has archives, provides classes and workshops, programs concerts and features exhibitions. Address: Ronda Valencia 2, 28012 Madrid. Phone: +34 91 506 38 75/88, Fax: +34 91 506 38 76. E-mail: casaencendida@cajamadrid.es.
Museums in Madrid
A visit to Madrid would not be complete without visiting its great museums. One of the finest museum districts in the world can be found in Madrid. Three of the world's most excellent art museums (all of which are being expanded) are located along the Paseo del Prado.
The spectacular El Prado is perhaps the most famous.
There is also the impressive Thyssen-Bornemisza museum which holds the collection of the late Baron von Thyssen, the largest private art collector in the world. Both can be accessed by Metro (station: Banco de España). The nearby Reina Sofía Museum holds a unique collection of contemporary art, including a large number of Dalí paintings.

Several museums in the Spanish capital include musical instrument collections.
The Museo de América includes musical instruments from the American continent. Avenida Reyes Católicos 6, 48040 Madrid. Phones: +34 91/549 2641/543 9437, Fax: +34 91 544 6742

The Museo Nacional De Antropología includes traditional Spanish musical instruments. It has two separate locations.
 The Alfonso XII museum contains the collections of the former Museo Nacional de Etnología. Address: Calle Alfonso XII 68, 28014 Madrid. Phone: +34 91 539 5995/530 6418, Fax: +34 91 467 7098.
 The other museum is located at Avenida Juan de Herrera and it holds the former Museo Nacional del Pueblo Español assets. Address: Avda. Juan Herrera 2, 28040 Madrid. Phones: +34 91 549 2290/549 7150, Fax: +34 91 544 6970.

The Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas includes some musical instruments, specially elaborate percussion instruments and flutes. Address: Calle Montalbán 12, 28014 Madrid. Phone: +34 91 532 6499/521 3440, Fax: +34 91 523 2086.

There is also an African museum (Museo Africano). It only opens Thursdays and Sunday afternoons. Address: Calle Arturo Soria 101, Madrid.
 Sights to Enjoy in Madrid

1. Arab Wall

The Arab wall is the remains of an old Moorish military outpost. There's a part there that has concerts and plays in the summer months.

2. Campo del Moro

In English, this means Moor's Field. Campo del Moro has clusters of trees and enjoyable winding paths. Follow them to the Royal Palace.

3. Catedral de la Almudena

An historic piece of architecture, the building of the Catedral de la Almudena started in 1883. You can enjoy this attraction for free.

4. Jardines Sabatini

The Jardines Sabatini, or Sabatini Gardens, are the formal gardens of the Royal Palace. If you're looking for a peaceful place to unwind, this would be an excellent spot.

5. Plaza de Oriente

Since we're at the Royal Palace, let's stay. The Plaze de Oriente is a plaza that's surrounded by magnificent and massive stone statues.

6. Zoo-Aquarium

What's a vacation without a trip to the zoo? Madrid has one of the best zoos in Span or Europe for that matter. Admission is about 15 Euros for adults and 12 Euros for kids. The zoo's hours change with the seasons, so be sure to check ahead of time.

You really can't go wrong in Madrid. It's a beautiful city. Think about these six great exploration choices when you visit. Have fun
Palacio Real
Calle Bailen
Madrid 28071 Spain
+34 91 547 5350
This former royal residence houses a fantastic collection of paintings (Velázquez, Caravaggio and Goya), sculpture, furniture, tapestries, glassware, gold and silverware, medals, porcelain and musical instruments. It is well worth visiting the rooms decorated by Gasparini as well as the Royal Pharmacy, the Library, and the Royal Armoury. King Felipe V commissioned the Italian architect Sabatini to design the palace, and work was carried out betwween 1738-1770.
Palacio de Cristal
Paseo Duque de Fernán Núñez, s/n
Madrid 28012 Spain
+34 91 574 6614
Open Hours
10a-6p M-Sa, 10a-4p Su
Madrid hosted an exhibition on the Philippine Islands in 1887 and the same architect who created the nearby Palacio de Velázquez was hired to design this greenhouse to hold all the flowers brought over from the islands. It's an attractive steel and glass design that now houses temporary exhibitions of contemporary art organized by the Museo Reina Sofía. Admission is free.

Taberna de la Dolores
Traditional bar where you can still enjoy draught beer pulled from old pumps, vintage vermouths and canapés to suit all tastes, such as fresh anchovies in vinegar or blue cheese canapés with anchovies.
Plaza de Jesús, 4. Madrid
Telephone: 914 292 243
Casa Lucio
It's one of Madrid's best known bars, if not the bar "par excellence." Inside the small bar one has the chance to try fine sausages, magnificent ham, oysters, tinned mussels or a small tapa of its most famous dish: chopped, fried egg. An ideal place to dine alongside politicians, people from the world of finance and the theatre.
Cava Baja, 35. Madrid
Telephone: 913 653 252
East 47
Bar with a New York atmosphere and modern décor, ideal for the most discerning palate.
Aside from its splendid bodega, you can try caviar from different countries and a selection of creative helpings and tapas. The specialities vary seasonally (tuna, wild mushrooms, etc.).
Plaza de las Cortes, 10. Madrid
Telephone: 914 290 747
The centenarian mirrors and old wooden shelves and bars that form its décor have made this bar an institution in Madrid's culinary world.
The restaurant's top speciality is "cocido madrileño" (meat, bacon and chickpea stew) and tripe. Its bar serves glasses of wine and small savoury pastries.
Carrera de San Jerónimo, 8. Madrid
Telephone: 915 222 207
Taberna El Almendro
One of the best options for eating tapas in the Cava Baja area, where you can drink mainly sherry from Jerez and sample their great rolls with a wide variety of fillings.
They also serve chopped, fried eggs and "almendritos" of baby squid.
El Almendro, 13. Madrid
Telephone: 913 654 252
Taberna de los Cien Vinos
Small, attractive and surprising establishment situated in the very heart of Madrid of the Hapsburgs. Every week they offer a selection of different Denomination of Origin wines, accompanied by small portions and helpings (cured meat, sirloin steak, tuna, "tataki") that change daily.
Nuncio, 17. Madrid
Telephone: 913 654 704
El Lateral
A large and modern establishment in which you can not only try tapas informally, but also sit down to a proper meal. The assortments of canapés are almost meals in
Paseo de la Castellana, 132. Madrid
Telephone: 915 613 337
La Garriga
Although it isn't exactly a tapas bar, rather a shop, it's worth stopping at its counter to try excellent Castilian and Catalan sausages baguettes ("butifarra", sausages, "fuet").
Paseo de la Castellana, 153. Madrid
Telephone: 915 700 139
Las Cumbres
Traditional Andalusian bar with flamenco-style décor and atmosphere. Of particular note are its tapas and helpings of stews, fried dishes and Iberian sausages. Besides, Andalusian style fried whitebait and
style fried whitebait and "coquinas" (baby shellfish).
Alberto Alcocer, 32 (Conde del Val corner).Madrid
Telephone: 914 587 692
Mesón Cinco Jotas
In this bars the sausages and Iberian ham (5 Jotas ham) receive all the interest. You can try the toasts, small sandwiches that vary each month and dishes of different cuts of pork, "secreto," shoulder, etc., accompanied by fine wines.
Padre Damián, 42; Serrano, 118 and Callejón de Puigcerdá, Madrid
Telephone: 915 632 710 - 915 754 125 - 913 503 173
Record labels in Madrid

Madrid has quite a large number of labels involved with world music and flamenco.

The Nubenegra label, founded by Manuel Domínguez, was recording Cuban artists before the Buena Vista Social Club phenomenon. It also produces recordings by Spanish artists and African and Brazilian musicians based in Madrid.

Juan Alberto Arteche started the Música Sin Fin label in the 1980s. Originally from the island of Mallorca, Arteche is a multi-instrumentalist and a pioneer of contemporary folk music in Spain. His recording studio, known as "the cave,"has produced some of the most innovative world music from Spain. Radio Tarifa started with Música Sin Fin and many other top Spanish artists have recorded for or collaborated with the label.

Nuevos Medios, led by producer Mario Pacheco, became the benefactor of new flamenco artists while none of the other labels showed any interest. Its compilations of young flamenco artists called Los Jóvenes Flamencos, opened many people's ears to the sounds of flamenco guitar wizardry and young Gypsy bands fusing timeless flamenco with salsa, blues, jazz and African music.

Ediciones Resistencia produces contemporary folk music by Spanish artists from the northern parts of the country: Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country.
For Celtic music from Galicia, one of the best labels is Boa's Do Fol imprint. Boa also started a Flamenco divisiony.

Fonomusic has been around for quite a while. This former independent (now part of Warner Music) has a considerable catalog of flamenco, Gypsy rumba and Galician music.

Nuba Records has a good catalog of new flamenco, Spanish world music and jazz, including flamenco jazz pianist maestro Chano Domínguez.

Sonifolk has one of the largest catalogs of traditional Spanish folk music. It also produces new artists from various parts of the country that play contemporary folk sounds.
Schools and Workshops in Madrid

There are high quality music schools that teach many of the musical traditions of Spain.

The Madrid Royal Conservatory of Music (Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid) not only offers courses in classical instruments, it also teaches flamenco guitar, accordion, various Spanish string instruments, traditional instruments and ethnomusicology. Address: Calle Doctor Mata 2, 28012 Madrid. Phone: +34 915392901, Fax: +34 915275822. E-mail: infosecre@real-conserv-madrid.es. Metro station: Congosto. Train station: Atocha.

The Escuela de Danza y Música “Marta De La Vega” was opened in 2001. It includes courses in Galician pipes, flamenco guitar, flutes, tin whistle, darbuka, riq, bodhran, Galician percussion, mandolin, hurdy gurdy, and musical theory. There are also Spanish culture and musical history classes, as well as seminars, workshops and concerts. Address: Calle María Teresa 11, 28028 Madrid, Spain. Phone: +34-91 725 55 69. E-mail: beatriz_barcelo@hotmail.com

The Escuela de Música Creativa (Creative Music School) is a reputable school that teaches Jazz instruments and techniques, as well as Flamenco (primarily guitar and cajón). Address: Calle Palma 35, 28004 Madrid, Spain - Phone: +34 915 211 156.

Aprende Flamenco provides weekend workshops in Madrid with some of the best teachers in Spain. Carmen Cortés, El Viejín (José Jimenez), Enrique Vargas etc.
For flamenco dance classes there is the Escuela de Flamenco Puro, which teaches traditional flamenco dance in the style of the Gypsies of Lower Andalusia. Address: Raquel Quijano de la Fuente, Flamenco Puro, Calle Castellón de la Plana 7, E - 28006 Madrid, Spain. E-mail: raquel@jmorao.com.

The Fundación Conservatorio Flamenco Casa Patas is a centre founded May 2000 inside a restored building located right above the famous Casa de Patas Flamenco tavern. Fundación Conservatorio Flamenco Casa Patas is Madrid's first Flamenco conservatory. It includes a hall for conferences and presentations and several classrooms for teaching music theory and Flamenco guitar. The center also includes a store, library, audio library and video library. Address: calle de Cañizares 10, Madrid, Spain.

For Galician pipes and drums there is the Escola de Gaita Tradicional Galega. This Galician bagpipe school was founded by Xoán Brandón, a Galician piper who moved to Madrid. The school offers pipe and drum courses. Address: Xoan Brandón, calle San Claudio 41, Local 3, 28038 Madrid, Spain. Phone: +34-606-411895. E-mail: xoanbrandon@telepolis.com.


Atocha, 125
Madrid 28012 Spain
+34 91 420 2906
Open Hours
6p-11:30p Th-Sa (early session), midnight-6a Th-Sa (late session), 6p-midnight Su
A night out at Kapital  does not come cheap, but you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. There are seven floors of entertainment to choose from, including provocative go-go dancers, a karaoke bar, a cinema, and numerous dance floors with all sorts of music. You will have great fun with your friends up on the rooftop terrace among the palm trees in summer. There are special early sessions for young dance music fans before the older party animals come out to play. This place is always full. Car parking is available.
Trucha (La)
Manuel Fernández y González, 3
Madrid 28014 Spain
+34 91 429 5833
Open Hours
12:30-4p & 7:30p-midnight M-Su
There are two Sevilla taverns in Madrid (the other is located on Núñez de Arce, 6. tel. +34 91 532 0882);each offers an authentic taste of Andalusia. You are surrounded by the typical coloured ceramic tiles and wrought-iron window grilles. As for the food, you´ll find all the favourite southern tapas on offer along with the house specialty, fresh trout. Don´t miss the mixed fried Mediterranean fish, or Pescaíto at EUR12.02 for a large portion or the Asparagus...

The Irish Rover
Avenida del Brasil, 7
Madrid 28020 Spain
+34 91 597 4811
theirishrover@ theirishrover.com
Open Hours
Noon till late M-Su
More than an Irish pub, this huge place actually looks like a small Irish village, with its own little flea market in the main square surrounded by balconies and washing out to dry on the line. The pub is oozing with Irish charm and character and its well-to-do patrons can probably be credited with keeping a good part of the beer industry afloat. Regular free Celtic music concerts mid-week.
Casa de la Panadería
Plaza Mayor, 27
Madrid 28012 Spain
Open Hours
11a-2p M-Su, 5p-8p M-Su
As the Plaza Mayor's first building, it served as a model for the rest. The original had archways that gave people access to the square and its daily market from the main street, or Calle Mayor. It was built for the bakers' guild in 1617 and had a colourfully painted façade that was later destroyed by fire. In the late 1980s, painter Carlos Franco was commissioned to redecorate the façade, which he did with allegorical depictions of time and the horoscope. The building now hosts interesting exhibitions about Madrid.
Gran Vía
Madrid, M 28013 Spain
This is Madrid's busiest and best-known street. Wide sidewalks, impressive buildings and proximity to the centre make it a most desirable residential neighbourhood. Some of the most historic buildings include Telefónica HQ, the Central bank, Callao cinema (art deco interior) and Prensa palace. For shoppers, there's a music store, Madrid Rock, and a bookstore, Casa del Libro. For entertainment, there's Lope de Vega theatre and for drinks after the show, try Chicote cocktail bar.
Sun Planet
Goya, 11
Madrid 28001 Spain
+34 91 577 0628
Open Hours
10a-2p & 5:30p-9p
A well-known chain with branches all over Madrid, it sells a wide range of prestigious brand name sunglasses - including Ray Ban, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Vogue and Police - in a wide range of styles. You're bound to find what you're looking for here and it's all high quality, fashionable merchandise made from all sorts of materials at all sorts of prices.
Estadio Santiago Bernabeu (El)
Avenida de Concha Espina, 1
Madrid 28036 Spain
+34 91 398 4300
Open Hours
10:30a-6:30p M-Su (Except match days)
Founded in 1902, the club's teams had to play in a variety of venues throughout the city until this stadium was built in 1947. It holds a capacity crowd of 75342 and has become world famous due to Real's success in international competitions over the years. It is named after the chairman of the Board of Directors, Santiago Bernabeu, who had the vision to borrow the money to buy this plot of land and start building. At that time it was the most modern stadium in the country and it has since undergone various expansion and improvement projects. You can visit the club's museum that is open daily, except Monday, to find out about its history, see the trophy room and tread on the hallowed turf itself.
Biblioteca Nacional
Paseo de Recoletos, 20
Madrid 28071 Spain
+34 91 580 7800 / +34 91 580 7823
Open Hours
9a-9p M-F, 9a-2p Sa
An impressive neoclassical building to one side of Plaza de Colón, it's spectacular façade features three entrance archways with wrought-iron gates and an upper gallery decorated with elaborate carvings and Corinthian columns. Statues of Alfonso X (The Wise) and San Isidoro stand on the grand main staircase. Alongside the main doors, you'll be welcomed by images of Lope de Vega, Cervantes, Antonio de Nebrija and other famous Spanish writers like Santa Teresa, Quevedo and Fray Luis de León. It was built during the reign of Isabel II in the 19th century and contains more than five million books.
Canal de Isabel II
Avenida Islas Filipinas, 54
Madrid 28003 Spain
+34 91 533 1791
Open Hours
Summer (1 Jun- 30 Sep): 8:30a-2:30p M-Su, Winter (1 Oct-31 May): 8:30a-2p M-Su, 4p-6p M-Su
The original swimming club that gave this place its name no longer exists, but this huge (30000m2) public sports complex still offers a magnificent range of facilities, including swimming pools, seven tennis courts (three clay, three astroturf and one cement), a Pelota court, short tennis court and both indoor and outdoor facilities for football and basketball. The cafeteria serves daily specials and has an a la carte menu. The swimming-pools have the longest summer opening season in Madrid, stretching approximately from May 29 to Sep 26, and the prices are very reasonable
Real Madrid Club de Fútbol
Avenida Concha Espina, 1
Madrid 28036 Spain
+34 91 398 4300
As one of the world's most successful soccer clubs, Real Madrid's trophy room overflows with cups, plaques and other awards. Founded in 1902, it boasts 70,000 affiliated members. It is the only club to have won as many as eight European Cup titles and the rest of their achievements include 12 times Regional Champion, 27 Spanish League titles, 17 King's Cup titles, eight European Champions League Cups and more. The Bernabeu Stadium Museum is also on site. Events are conducted throughout the year, check the website for more information.
Centro Comercial ABC de Serrano
Madrid 28006 Spain
+34 91 576 6334
Open Hours
10a-9p M-Sa
This Spanish chain is now famous in the rest of Europe. It offers the latest in fashion at affordable prices, and every year their reputation grows. It sells clothes for women, men, teens and children. In addition, there are suits, coats, outfits, sweaters, shoes and knitwear. Children's items are available for one-year-olds and up. To give you an idea of prices: women's trouser suit costs about (EUR 108.18), which is a lot cheaper than at Zara in the UK. There are 23 branches in Madrid itself.

A school dedicated to Castilian folk music, Escuela De Folklore Castellano "Plaza Castilla", is located next to Plaza de Castilla square. Founded by musician Fernando Llorente, one of Spain's finest dulzaina players. Other teachers include Eliseo Parra and Manuel Pérez. The school also has storytelling and theater workshops. Info about traditional music and dance workshops: Fernando Llorente. Teléfonos: +34 670.05.71.63 / +34 91.315.62.37. Info about storytelling workshops: Maísa Marbán: 607 604 633. Metro station: Plaza de Castilla.

If you are interested in Indian tabla, there is Tapan. Run by Tapan Bhattacharya, a professional musician from India and tabla teacher. The classes in Madrid take place at the Yoga Center, calle Lagasca #32 - 1ero. Izq. Phone: +34- 600 03 09 79.

Luis Lumbreras teached didjeridu (didgeridoo) classes. Phones: 91 5287160 - 652636018. E-mail: didgeridoo@chandra.es. Address: calle Salitre, 34, bj. 7. Madrid. Metro stations: Lavapiés, Antón Martín or Atocha.

Mamá Africa teaches West African and dance classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 20:00 to 22:00 at Centro Cultural Ramiro de Maeztu. Calle Mayorazgo (Leganés).
Tlf.: 635 27 72 24 / 91 250 18 71. E-mail: info at mama-africa-ritmos.com.

Danzas del Mundo
is a world music dance school. It includes Indian, Oriental (Middle Eastern), Africa, Capoeira, Brazilian and Afrocuban. Gran Vía 22, 28013 Madrid, Spain. Phone: +34 91 531-6869.

Bloco de Baliza is a samba group that also teaches Brazilian percussion and dance. Phone: 607852962.

Trade is a school for DJs, offering basic and advanced DJ courses, turntablism, production, Protools, Logic, Reason, live, final scratch and DJ tools. Avda de Moratalaz 149 post. Phone: +34 902 900 495. E-mail: info at trade.com.es

Nieblas de Avalon is an Oriental (belly dance) school, specializing in tribal fusion and Goth. Calle Andalucía 4, 28007- Madrid. Phone: + 34 91 4339019. Email: muir_gen@hotmail.com.
Guitar shops in Madrid

Guitars were invented in Spain and Madrid is one of the paramount places to visit guitar shops. You can buy the best flamenco, classical or acoustic guitars in the world.

Hermanos Conde manufactures guitars used by Paco de Lucía. Calle Gravina 7, 28004 Madrid. Phone/Fax: +34 91 3196675.

The José Ramirez guitar shop was founded in 1882. Store: Calle La Paz 8, Madrid. Phone: +34 915 314 229. Shop (Taller): Calle General Margallo 10, Madrid. Phone: +34 915 718 431, Fax: +34 915 715 945. E-mail: info@guitarrasramirez.com

Jorge de Gubia makes classical and flamenco guitars as well as violins, violas, and harps. Calle Santa Engracia 44, Madrid. Phone: +34 914 455 527.

José Romero has been making guitars since 1983. His workshop is at Calle Espoz y Mina 30, 28012 Madrid. Phone/Fax: +34-91-521 4218.

Luthiers specializes in concert, classical and flamenco guitars. They have a workshop and store at Calle Mayor 66, Madrid 28013. Phone/Fax: +34-91-542 6921.
E-mail: info@luthiers.net
Book stores in Madrid

The best place for music books is the Caseta de la Música at Cuesta de Moyano, next to the southern wall of the Botanical Gardens, very close to Atocha square. Metro station: Atocha.

Another good place is La Casa del Libro. It has four stores in Madrid at Calle Alcalá 96, Gran Via 29, Maestro Victoria, and Salud 17.

The FNAC megastore, downtown, has a good collection of books about music, in addition to CDs. Calle Preciados 28, 28004 Madrid. Phone: +34 91 595 62 0. Metro stations: Callao &Sol.
Museums,Palaces &
Museo Nacional del Prado (Prado Museum)
Paseo del Prado, s/n
Madrid 28014 Spain
+1 34 91 330 2800
Open Hours
Tu-Su 9a-8p
Considered one of the world's most important art galleries, it exhibits paintings by Goya, Velázquez, Murillo, Zurbarán, El Greco, Ribera, Titian, Boticelli, Tintoretto, El Bosco, Rubens, Van Dyck, Poussin and Durer. The collection of decorative arts features the Tesoro del Delfín. There are displays of classical Greek and Roman sculpture. Carlos III commissioned Juan de Villanueva to design this beautiful building, which was converted into an art gallery in 1819. There is a cafe, bookshop, souvenir shop, conference room, and reference library.





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