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Portraits in the Royal Collections: From Juan de Flandes to Antonio López (On till 31 May @ the Royal Palace): a historical and pictorial journey that revisits Spanish monarchs and their portrait artists from the fifteenth to the twenty-first centuries.

Monumental Views of Spanish Cities. The Romantic Painter, Genaro Pérez Villaamil (On till 9 September @ Prado Museum): One of the most important landscape painters in 19th century Spain.

Goya in Madrid (On till 7 June @ the Prado Museum): an exhibition of the tapestry cartoons drawn by the painter from Aragón during his time in the Spanish capital.

Ten Picassos from Kunstmuseum Basel (On till 14 September @ Prado Museum): ten masterpieces by the Málaga-born artist on loan from the Swiss gallery´s collection.

White Fire – The Kunstmuseum Basel Modern Collection (On till 14 September @ Reina Sofía Museum): a selection of 100 masterpieces (Munch, Braque, Léger, Klee, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Giacometti…) from one of the finest public municipal museums in the world.

Rogier van der Weyden
(h.1399-1464) (On till 28 June @ the Prado Museum) A selection of works by the great 15th century Flemish painter (Prado Museum. 24 Mar-28 June).

Animals and Pharaohs: the Animal Kingdom in Ancient Egypt (On till 23 August @ CaixaForum Madrid): A look back at the role of the animal world in the culture and iconography of the pharaonic civilisation.

Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style (On till 30 August @ Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa): an exhibition showcasing the designs of the most stylish character in the history of film (Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa. 8 May-30 Aug).

Ree Morton (On till 28 September @ the Reina Sofía Museum): a retrospective of the American artist whose work is associated with the feminist art movement
Zurbarán: A New Perspective (9 Jun to 13 Sep @ Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum): carefully selected works by one of the greatest artists of Spanish Baroque.

Cervantes in the Limelight: a Discovery in Pictures (On till 27 September @ the History Museum): A photographic exhibition documenting the search for the great writer’s remains in the Convent of the Barefoot Trinitarians in Madrid.

PHotoEspaña (3 Jun to 30 Aug): over two months, photography will take centre stage at many of the city’s arts centres. This year, the International Photography and Visual Arts Festival will be devoted exclusively to Latin American photography.

Edvard Munch (6 Oct to 17 Jan 2016 @ the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum): the museum will present the first extensive group of works by the artist, author of The Scream since the retrospective held there in 1984.

The Divine Morales (8 Oct to 10 Jan 2016 @ the Prado Museum): the renowned museum is showcasing the work of the 16th century Extremaduran painter Luis de Morales.

Ingres (24 Nov to 27 Mar 2016 @ the Prado Museum): a chronological review of the works of the French painter, in collaboration with the Louvre Museum.




Entertainment in spain. Spanish entertainment. Events in Spain. What's on in Spain. Concerts in Spa Events in Europe. What's on in Europe.in
Entertainment in Spain
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