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Pestinada  Fiestas

Los Dedócratas Club has been organizing the popular Pestiñada for over 25 years.

The Pestiñada always takes place on Saturday in the Plaza de San Francisco, Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain from 2230 hours and runs through to dawn.

It is a massive event where eating pestiños is just an excuse to meet, go outside and listen the first guitars, bandurrias and cajas. There's something for everyone, and besides it's free.

The Pestiñada is the first act of the timing of Carnival, followed by Ostionada and Erizada, which will take place the following day (Sunday). It also start the Concurso Oficial de Agrupaciones del Gran Teatro Falla.

Some choirs, carnival groups with 40 or 45 members, put the music on this gastronomic festival which consume about 12,000 pestiños with anise, one drink too closely linked to Christmas.

The pestiños are Andalusian sweets, typical of Christmas, made with flour, yeast, salt, sherry, olive oil and sesame. The taste of this dish is free and accompanied by the first bars, mostly ballads recalling previous years, to build the new songs during the Carnival.

More than a greeting to Carnival, many people see in Pestiñada a farewell to recently concluded Christmas.


Address: Plaza San Francisco
Postal code: 11004
Municipality: Cádiz
Province: Cádiz
E-mail: aytocadiz.turismo@telefonica.net
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In February, Cadiz becomes one big party. It’s CARNIVAL TIME.

You can hear carnival music in any corner of the city, and the last touches are put to the fancy-dress costumes (in Cadiz they are known as tipos), some of them real works of art. The locals put their hearts and souls into what is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the city, and perhaps the most fun-filled and entertaining of all the Spanish carnivals.

Compared with the spectacular nature of other carnival celebrations, the light-hearted fun and entertainment of the Carnival of Cadiz makes it a unique fiesta which is well worth getting to know.

And there is no lack of other events during this time to ensure that the days of Carnival in Cadiz are complete.

The whole city is involved. This is a perfect time to get to know it and to enjoy the inventiveness and sense of fun of the people of Cadiz.