Santiago de Compostela
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 Fiesta de Santiago Apóstol
 Fiesta in honour of Santiago Apostol
15th to 31st July
Santiago de Compostela
The fiestas in honour of the patron saint of Spain and Galicia reach their climax during the so-called 'Fire of the Saint”, the Offering to the Saint and the Cathedral's Incense Burner ceremony.


Santiago de Compostela is a city of about 90,000 residents in the region of Galicia, northwestern Spain. Santiago's name and fame derive from Saint James the Apostle, whose holy relics are believed to be enshrined under the cathedral's altar. James was martyred in Jerusalem in 44 AD, but legend has it that he preached in Spain during his lifetime and was brought back to Spain after his death. The traditional tomb of St. James was discovered in 819 AD and a small church was soon built over the shrine by the king.



Fiesta de Santiago Apóstol - Fiesta in honour of Santiago Apostol
Activity: Popular Holidays. Spain
15th to 31st July
Theme: Arts and culture. / Popular Holidays. Spain
Field: International Tourist Interest.
The fiestas in honour of the patron saint of Spain and Galicia reach their climax during the so-called 'Fire of the Saint”, the Offering to the Saint and the Cathedral's Incense Burner ceremony.
Legend has it that the appearance of the remains of Saint James gave rise to the Galician city. Santiago de Compostela would soon become a holy city on a par with Jerusalem and Rome, and a pilgrimage centre, which led to the appearance of the Route to Santiago (World Heritage).
25 July is St. James's Day, however, the fiestas begin about ten days beofre with a full programme of exhibitions, theatre productions, street shows and music concerts. At twelve midday on 24, the cathedral bells announce what will happen that night. Plaza del Obradoiro fills with illumination and colour in a show where fireworks, sound and light transport the visitor to a magic world. Regional dances and bagpipe music are also a part of the fiesta. Concerts and outdoor dances in every corner of the city lead to St. James's Day. The offering to the Saint and the Incense Burner (Botafumeiro) ceremony take place in the Cathedral. It is huge incense burner that is swung at full speed under the lower transept of the temple and fills it all with incense..
Dates: 7/15/2007 - 7/31/2007
More information by telephone on: +34 981528700
Santiago de Compostela
 A Coruña
Tourist Office:
 Lugar Santiago de Compostela - Praza de Galicia, s/n -
15706 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
Tel. +34 981573990 +34 981584400
Discover Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the Region of Galicia.
World Heritage. Its old town is hard to beat. The historic centre is set around the cathedral. This part of the city has the UNESCO World Heritage designation. Here you will find monuments that are real artistic gems of different architectural styles. Buildings with centuries of history that give the city a unique appearance.
Where gastronomy is an art. In Santiago, gastronomy is an active part of the culture of the city. There is a spectacular array of restaurants, bars and taverns, with prices to suit every budget - quality is what they all have in common. Here you will eat well - and plenty. Try our regional products, especially seafood, fish and beef. These are flavours you will want to try again.
Its university atmosphere. Fun, happy and jovial. Santiago's university atmosphere is infectious with joy and vitality. The 33,000 students who attend the university each year give the city a special atmosphere. Be sure not to miss the nightlife in Santiago, when its pubs, bars and clubs open their doors. The city never sleeps. The areas of the city where people go out are evidence of this, with an array of nightspots and terrace bars for all tastes.
Nature. Art and culture, but nature too. Santiago has many parks and gardens. An intense green pervades everything, not only within the city, but also in its surrounding area, where mountains and forests with luxuriant vegetation await. They are the perfect setting for a range of sports such as hiking, fishing and golf.
A packed cultural programme. Santiago is not a cultural destination only on account of its heritage and monuments, but also thanks to its impressive year-round programme of events: music, conferences, theatre, film, concerts, exhibitions, festivals... Entertainment and art are always to be found, in the city's museums and at a host of other venues too.
Its festive character. Feel the festive spirit of the capital of Galicia. Traditional celebrations where custom and folklore play an essential role. Music, colour, dance and games fill the streets and squares on the most emblematic dates. Above all, however, the Fiestas in honour of the Apostle Santiago stand apart. They are in the month of July and have the International Tourist Interest designation.
Gateway to Galicia. Come to Santiago and make the most of your visit to discover Galicia, a fascinating region in the north of Spain you will want to come back to. Here you will find beaches, magical forests, unusual traditions, charming villages... There are a whole range of varied routes and trails to follow. Come and discover them for yourself.