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September in Spain is a busy month for entertainment featuring many festivals and events including the lovely grape and almond soup celebration.

Festival d'Estiu de Teatres-Sagunt a EscenaXVII Feria Medieval Medieval Fair Orígenes del Ajoblanco

Madrid Region Cultural Festival Festival de Otono

May through to October 2017
Madrid Region Cultural Festival Festival de Otono.  Madrid, is the site of one of the busiest cultural festivals held around the world. The Festival de Otono annual cultural festival of the arts and entertainment in Madrid, Spain. Beginning in Autumn, in the capital city of Spain, Madrid and the surrounding area all the arts are represented during this Festival which lasts until the summer. The number and high quality of the performance art represented is not to be missed.

List of events for 2017

Festival d'Estiu de Teatres-Sagunt a Escena

Theatre, music, dance and circus in Sagunt a Escena
Festival d'Estiu de Teatres-Sagunt a Escena features theatre, music, dance and street performance from July to September 2018. The ancient location for this exciting event being a feature in itself - The Roman Theatre in Sagunto..... Read More

XVII Feria Medieval Medieval Fair

1-3 September
For three days, the area within the town walls and its surroundings travel back in time to the Middle Ages hosting numerous traditional products stalls, falconry shows, exhibitions, entertainments and much more.
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Orígenes del Ajoblanco

1st Saturday of September
The most famous celebration of Almáchar is the Ajoblanco (first Saturday of September) festival, declared of National Tourist Interest of Andalusia. Thousands of visitors every year get a free tasting of  almachareño..... Read More

The Seville Flamenco Biennial Festival
September to October
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Barcelona International Jazz Festival +
from 26th September
Voll Damm Barcelona Jazz Festival

San Sebastián International Film festival
The festival is one of the most prestigious and internationally recognised in Spain

Nuestra Señora de la Victoria Pilgrimage
Spain Málaga
pilgrimage of their patron saint

Semana grande (Local festival week) of fair and fiestas in Gandia
September to October

Segorbe Bulls and Horses
5th to 11th September
Entrada de Toros y Caballos de Segorbe  Bull and Horse Droving in Segorbe, Valencia

Jornadas Intern. Folkloriques de Catalunya

Medina del Campo Encierros tradicionales - Traditional bull-running

San Antolín Fiesta Medina del Campo
Bull Running September

Medina del campo traditional bull running


Fiestaspopular holidays in Spain


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Festive Mutxamel:
since 1843. September.

Every September Mutxamel  on the outskirts of Alicante dresses in its best to welcome the Moorish and Christian festival. This festival features the 'drunkards day!' Read More

Patron Saint Feast Day of Peñíscola
Fiestas Patronales en honor de la Virgen de Ermitana - Virgen de Ermitana patron saint's day fiesta

Peñiscola pays tribute to its patron saint with the danses, traditional ancestral dances.
Festivities in Honour of 'The Virgen de Ermitana'
The local patron saint is celebrated in time honoured Spanish fiesta fashion.. Bulls, concerts, traditional songs and dances.
The Queen and her ladies are crowned.
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Alcances" Atlantic Film Festival

September. Set in the beautiful city of Cadiz The Alcances Atlantic Film Festival features  Spanish, European, Latin American and Asian films and there are parallel  activities such as exhibitions,  contemporary music performances,  theatre and seminars, as well as tributes and film sessions dedicated to important  figures of international cinema. Read More

The Vila-real International Dance Festival

Seville Flamenco Biennial Festival
September to October
Seville Flamenco Biennial Festival provides the best entertainment in Spain and combines a flamenco competition with a range of performances, both song and dance, of this typical Spanish art.

National Day of Catalonia
Catalonia commemorates the 1714 Barcelona defeat during the War of the Spanish Succession institutions and rights of the territories of the Crown of Aragon were abolished by the victorious absolutist Bourbon monarchy.

Bull and Horse Droving in Segorbe
Segorbe Patron Saints Fiesta
In the Comunitat de Valencia from 6th to 12th September, Segorbe will once again become home to a spectacle that has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest, ‘La Entrada de Toros y Caballos’ (Arrival of the Bulls and Horses).

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Nuestra Señora de la Salud Muixeranga d’Algemesí
Alagamesi human Towers Best entertainment in Spain
Muixeranga d’Algemesí. Algemesí. A colourful fiesta which includes amazing human towers!  September
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Temporada Alta. International Theatre Festival
September to December
This event aims to offer a high-level theatre programme, with a series of shows by companies from all over the world, and the participation of renowned creators and artists. Innovative dramatisations, first performances and new productions from Spain and abroad complete the festival programme.

Crevillent Moors and Christians
In honour of San Francisco de Asís
September to October.

Fiestas de Nuestra Señora de la Merced -
Nuestra Señora de La Merced Fiesta Barcelona 24th September  These fiestas were first held in 1871, in honour of the Virgen de la Merced, named patron saint of the city by Pope Pious IX in 1868. The programme for the fiesta centres especially on Mediterranean culture, and includes activities to suit all tastes:  street entertainment, concerts, folk dances, theatre, and so on.

Guadix Cascamorras Festival- Virgin of Piedad

9 September
The best entertainment in Spain Guadix Festival
click image to read more

Don't miss traditional Spanish festivities where there is a messy battle in the streets between two villages over a religious artefact. Enjoy the area and stay in traditional rural casa.
Plenty of excellent local rural places to stay in Guadix

Cueva Barranco del Armero
around 16 euros per person per night

Cueva Amandier à Guadix
around 13 euros per person per night

Procesión de El Vítor -
El Vítor procession the feast of Santo Toribio de Mogroviejo 27th September Mayorga, Castille y Leon

Fiesta to honour the local patrol saint. Usual processions this time the locals carry flaming torches from goat skins. A mass, prayers. Fireworks, traditional dances and songs.

Feria de Valladolid - Valladolid Fair
August to  September
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Celebrations San Miguel
September 28th-October 4th
During the last days of September and early October, patron saint festivities are held in Ubeda. The patronage of San Miguel is September 29 when the town was re-conquered by Ferdinand III in 1234. all kinds of festivities planned every year. Everything from bull fights, theatre shows, street parades and fireworks.

Altea Moors and Christians Festival
One of the most colourful and exciting events in Spain and popular entertainment - a must for all the family, The Moors and Christians Festival in Altea, Costa Blanca. September.

Cascamorras Festival
Virgin of Piedad
The best entertainment in Spain Guadix Festival

An annual battle between two villages 9 September.

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Alicante Actual festival
October  to May
Every year the city of Alicante celebrates with contemporary chamber music with the Alicante Actual concert series.

Benissa Alternative Festival
27th to 29th September
Benissa fiestas entertainment events Spain

Medieval Market Xll Vitoria-Gasteiz

The medieval market in its twelfth edition, recreate the time when Vitoria-Gasteiz was the crossroads between north and south, and was a major political and commercial space.

Cartagena Carthaginians and Romans
Cartagena Carthaginians and Romans. Entertainment in Spain

Way back The Romans were the ruling force in Cartagena and there were huge battles in the area on land and sea with such Hannibal..

Some of these important events in their history are celebrated by the town every year.

They make a huge entertaining event of it.

Lots of locals dressed as troops. Sea battles.

A re-enactment of the wedding of Hannibal and Himilce.

A Roman Circus

Then a representation of Hannibal setting of on his epic journey to Rome with his elephants and all. Really this is a great festival.
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America Day in Asturias

San Mateo Fiesta
Oviedo, Spain
19th September

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