Best things to do and see in Seville, Andalucia, Spain
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Best things to do and see in Seville, Andalucia, Spain
These are the best days out for families, kids and everyone in Seville. The best tourist attractions and the most famous places and buildings. These are the best things to do during your holiday in Seville.
La Carbonería
 Calle Levies 18, Seville, 41004
 Calle Levies at Calle Vidrio
Phone 34-95-421-44-60
Seville is chock-full of touristy flamenco shows, but this is where the aficionados converge.
Seville Cruceros Torre del Oro

Enjoy the beautiful views of the millenary and legendary Guadalquivir River in a one-hour cruise with comments in six languages... read more
Basílica de Jesús del Gran Poder y Tesoro

The images of Nuestro Padre Jesús del Gran Poder, "the Lord of Seville" and Nuestra Señora María Santísima del Mayor Dolor y Traspaso are worshipped in this Basilica. The "pasos" and insignias ,, read more


AAC preserves and enhances its collections and promotes artistic creation within its activity programme. Located at the Monasterio de la Cartuja .. read more
It is located in the Fine Arts Pavillion of the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929. It houses the Astarte of el Carambolo, Roman sculptures, ... read more


It is located in the Mudejar Pavilion of the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition. The museum houses ethnographic collections, mostly decoration. It exhibits posters announcing the Spring Celebrations, more
Basilica de la Macarena
Puerta de la Macarena, La Macarena
City Seville
Price Free admission to basilica
On the northern tier of the central city, this church possesses the most revered image in Seville, "The Virgin of Hope," which locals call La Macarena. It is strictly for Madonna worshippers (of Catholic, not Kabbalah, ilk). She is the patron saint of matadors and a favorite of Spain's gypsies. ... read more

 Plaza del Triunfo s/n
City Seville
Web Site
The Reales Alcazares have been occupied and fortified by all the civilisations that have settled n Seville. In 913, Abd ar-Rahman III built an alcazaba or fortress, the bailey of which is the present day Patio de Banderas. In the eleventh century, al-Mutamid, the poet king, extended the alcazaba to build his palace, which was later re-built by the Almohads.
 Read More

Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes de Sevilla
 Plaza del Museo 9, Seville
Price Admission 1.50€ ($1.95)
This lovely old convent off Calle de Alfonso XII houses one of the most important collections of Spanish art. A whole gallery is devoted to two paintings by El Greco, and works by Zurbarán are on exhibit; however, the devoutly religious paintings of the Seville-born Murillo are the highlight. .. Read More

Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville
Seville is replete with various sightseeing. The popular sightseeing options are the city's old Moorish Palace, the Torre del Oro, the Town Hall, the Parque Maria. The artistically most outstanding churches are Iglesia del Salvador, Hospicio de los Venerables, Hospital de la Caridad, hospital de Nuestra Señora de la Paz , Iglesia de Santa Ana, Iglesia de San Luis and Basílica de la Macarenato name a few. Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville is one such church frequented by tourists. ..Read More

It is the second most important painting gallery in Spain after the Prado Museum. The building is a former mercy convent renewed in the 17th century. .. Read More

It is located in the old convent of Los Remedios on the riverside of the Guadalquivir. It exhibits 25 carriages used at work, in the fields and in the city. .. Read More

Building located in the Plaza de España, which was the site of the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition. It hosts the funds of the former Artillery Factory and the Military Explosive Factory...Read More

The guided visit will not only
show you the different parts of the Bullring, such as the infirmary, the Museum,
the chapel of the bullfighters and the stables, but it will also offer you a journey... Read More
Casa de Pilatos
Plaza Pilatos 1, Seville
Tel. 954225298
This building is a 16th-century palace in Mudéjar style, like the Alcázar. It is delightfully dilapidated with swirling tiled walls, elaborate domed ceilings with inlaid wood and overgrown gardens that are... Read More
Catedral de Sevilla and Giralda Tower
The cathedral in Seville is known as
 'Magna Hispalensis' for its beauty and  size.. It has five naves, plus two side naves for chapels, with a flat head wall and central apse.
 Read More

Museo del Baile Flamenco
 Calle de Manuel Rojas Marcos 3, Seville, 41004
Tel: 34954340311
Follow the flamenco acolytes with their slicked-back hair buns and clicking castanets to the 18th-century mansion housing this year-old museum, run by the renowned dancer Cristina Hoyos, ... Read More

Torre del Oro
 Paseo de Cristóbal Colón
City Seville
 Free on Tues
The 12-sided Tower of Gold, dating from the 13th century, overlooks the Guadalquivir River. Originally... Read More


Convento de Santa Paula
Santa Paula
City Seville
There are 17 cloistered women's convents still functioning (in some cases, flourishing) in Seville today. Some are very small, some are in steep decline, and some are so obscure that their doors are almost always closed to casual visitors. But if a peek into this medieval lifestyle intrigues you, the most interesting ... Read More

Archivo de Indias
Av. de la Constitución 3, Seville
Tel. 954211234
Price Free admission
The Archivo de Indias is said to contain some four million antique documents, including letters exchanged between patron Queen Isabella and explorer Columbus (he detailing his discoveries and impressions). These documents are locked in air-conditioned storage to keep them from disintegrating. ... Read More
Hospital de la Santa Caridad
Calle Temprado 3, Seville
free for children under 12
This 17th-century hospital is intricately linked to the legend of Miguel Manara, portrayed by Dumas and Mérimée as the scandalous Don Juan. It was once thought that he built this institution to atone for his sins, but this has been disproven. ... Read More
Iglesia De Santa Ana in Seville
 Iglesia De Santa Ana in Seville, Spain
 Pelay Correa, s/n, Seville, 41010
Tel. +3495427 382
Iglesia De Santa Ana in Seville is a popular tourist destination which is a church predominantly in Renaissance style with Mudejar-elements. Alfonso X the Wise constructed this church in 1280 in thanksgiving for the miraculous recovery of his sight and Archbishop Don Remondo consecrated it The Iglesia De Santa Ana in Seville is primarily made up ... Read More
Palacio De Lebrija in Seville
Manor or country house
Palacio Lebrija, Cuna 8, E-41004 Seville, Spain

Palacio De Lebrija in Seville is a beautiful mansion, which will impress you with its architecture, elegance and beauty. Built originally in 1400 AD, and then refurbished in 1500 AD. This palace will expose you to the typical structure of the Sevillian palaces with their vestibule, central patio porticado and inner garden....Read More

 Italica in Seville
Italica in Seville houses the fascinating Roman ruins and mosaics. Located just outside the village of Santioponce, Italica in Seville was the birthplace of Roman emperors and one of the earliest Roman establishments in Spain established in 206 B.C. It grew as a military outpost during the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. During the Medieval era, the ruins served as good stone resources. The ruins constitute of one of the largest Roman amphitheatres, the Termas Mayores public bathhouse and some fine mosaics. ... Read More
Roda de Andalucía
New year's eve festival
31st December
 12 lucky grapes for all present and fireworks at the doors of the Town Hall
Convento de Santa Paula
Santa Paula
City Seville
Seville Cruceros Torre del Oro

Enjoy the beautiful views of the millenary and legendary Guadalquivir River in a one-hour cruise with comments in six languages. Departures every half hour after 10 am. A trip along the river will complete your image of Seville.

Free admission.

Estación Marítima Torre del Oro
Pº. Marqués del Contadero s/n.

+34 954 56 16 92
+34 954 21 13 96

Plaza de Triunfo - La Fiesta de La Virgen de La Inmaculada
11 and 12 December
Seville's cherished patroness, the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, receives her annual dues and devotion in this popular festival.
Building located in the Plaza de España, which was the site of the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition. It hosts the funds of the former Artillery Factory and the Military Explosive Factory including important collections of maps, flags, weapons and wooden crafts from Cuba, the Philippines and Puerto Rico.

Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes de Sevilla

Torre del Oro
 Paseo de Cristóbal Colón
City Seville
Seville Alcazar Palace
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Roda de Andalucía
Things for children to do in Seville, Spain
Tourist Office:
Paseo de las Delicias,
9 - 41012 Seville (Seville)
Tel. +34 954234465
Tourist Office:
Avenida de la Constitución, 2
1 B - 41001 Seville (Seville)
Tel. +34 954787578
 Tourist Office:
Plaza del Triunfo, 1 - 41004
Seville (Seville)
Tel. +34 954210005
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