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Say's an old Spanish refrain," Quien no ha visto Sevilla, no ha visto maravilla." ( He who has not seen Seville, has not seen wonderment.)

George Borrow, author of 'The Bible in Spain', considered it "the most interesting town in all Spain (beneath) the most glorious heaven..."

A fitting setting for Byron's 'Don Juan', Bizet's 'Carmen',  and Rossini's 'Barber' to play out their fictional lives. Some of the real lives that got their start here are those of the poets Gustav Adolpho Becquer (1836-70) and Antonio Machado (1875-1939) and the painters Diego de Velasquez (1599-1660) and Bartelome Esteban Murillo ( 1618-82).

Romance has apparently always coursed through the city's veins. The Muslim historian Al-Saqundi, captivated by its charm, once proclaimed: "If one asked for the milk of birds in Seville, it would be found."

St. Teresa was so taken with its beauty and boldness that she confessed she felt that anyone who could somehow avoid sin in Seville would be doing very well indeed.

The Fair of Seville

The celebration of Seville in April
The Sevillian spring in all its splendour(At night of Monday “pescaíto” is celebrated traditional and “alumbrao”). The origins of the Fair of April go back to 1846, year in which Narciso Bonaplata and Jose Maria de Ybarra signed a proposal requesting authorization to celebrate an annual fair. Since then one has become the most emblematic celebration of City of Seville, collection point of Sevillians whom, during one week, the social gathering and the friends become in centre of the life of the Sevillians....

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Holy Week in Seville (Semana Santa)
Spain - Barcelona - Seville - Valencia - Madrid
Seville is one such city of Spain where the festive mood never ends. Semana Santa is a tradition which is repeated year after year; a time when the pious and curious join together to participate in the procession and converge on the streets and squares which take on the ambience and aura of an open air temple.
Semana Santa (holy week/easter) has been one of the most significant celebrations in Seville since centuries. The Cofradias ...
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Best Things to do

Seville Alcazar Palace

Seville Spring fair

Romantic Places

Seville Fiestas & Folklore

Seville Semana Santa

Seville Arts & Culture

Seville Tourism

Seville SICAB  Horse Fair

Seville Theatres

Seville for kids

Roda de Andalucía

Things for children to do in Seville, Spain

Andalucia Home

Seville FlamencoBi-ennial Festival

La Carbonería
Calle Levies 18, Seville, 41004
;Calle Levies at Calle Vidrio
Phone 34-95-421-44-60
Seville is flamenco. Flamenco is Seville. but this is where the aficionados converge.
La Carbonería is Housed in a former coal storage warehouse and is where the locals go, that says it all. rambling, makeshift space has a corrugated fiberglass roof, communal picnic tables and a .................... Read More

New year's eve festival
31st December
12 lucky grapes for all present fireworks at the doors of the   Town Hall

Roda de Andalucía

New year's eve festival
31st December
12 lucky grapes for all present and fireworks at the doors of the Town Hall

Convento de Santa Paula
Convento de Santa Paula
Santa Paula
City Seville

Andalusia Tourist Office:
Paseo de las Delicias,
9 - 41012 Seville (Seville)
Tel. +34 954234465

Tourist Office:
Avenida de la Constitución, 2
1 B - 41001 Seville (Seville)
Tel. +34 954787578

Tourist Office:
Plaza del Triunfo, 1 - 41004
Seville (Seville)

Tel. +34 954210005


Tourist Office: Paseo de las Delicias, 9
- 41012 Seville (Seville)
Tel. +34 954234465

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