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February 3,
Carnival at Vilanova i La Geltrú
Vilanova i La Geltrú,
Barcelona, Spain
Includes elaborate parades, frenetic parties and massive outdoor battles with meringue, candy (over 200,000 lbs) and cereal; culminates with the ceremonial burial of a sardine. Lots of fun. Spain's Strange, Weird, Humorous, Whacky, Wonderful Festivals and Events

Goat Throwing
Manganeses de la Polvorosa
27 January
Zamora, Castille y Leon
An annual tradition in the town of Manganeses de la Polvorosa (a small village in north western Spain), in honour of its patron saint, St. Vincent.
22nd February Cuenca

The Festival of Devils (La Endiablada)
 1st February
 The town of Almonicid del Marquesado in Spain
El Puig, Valencia
Battle of Dead Rats
28 January
Thepeople of the small village of El Puig, Valencia throw rats died during the  celebrations the festejos.

Custard Apple Festival.
11th to 14th October
Telephone:  958838623
Custard Apple Festival. It is celebrated in the Torrecuevas suburb of Almuñécar. There are numerous activities like the election of the Custard Apple queen, cookery competitions, exhibitions of custard apples with prizes for the largest
La Fiesta de la Vendimia
22 Aug - 2 Sep  (annual)
The Valencian town of Requena stages an unusual festival to celebrate the beginning of the grape harvest, known as La Fiesta de la Vendimia. One of the highlights is the Noche de Zurra, with bizarre traditions in store for the unaware.People take to the streets to beseech the powers-that-be for the water needed for the next harvest. Their neighbours waste no time in granting their request with the help of buckets and hoses, and everyone gets a thorough soaking.
The event also gives visitors the opportunity to taste wine from the first pressing, as well as featuring a procession with offerings of fruit and flowers.


'Festival of the Near Death Experience'
Las Nieves, Pontevedra
July  29th
Religious pilgrimages have been a part of Spanish life since the time of the Crusades, but none are as outrageous as the one that takes place today in the small northwestern town of Las Nieves. The action that unfolds today can hardly be believed. "Near death" and real life merge together in a surreal stew of Catholicism and Paganism in honor of Saint Marta de Ribarteme, the patron of resurrection.
Danza de los Zancos, La Rioja
22nd- 23rd July
Today in Anguiano, Spain, the famed stilt dancers take their dizzying routine to the streets. The circus didn't just roll into town, these pious prancers risk breaking their necks to honor the Magdalena (Mary Magdalene). Spain's Strange, Weird, Humorous, Whacky, Wonderful Festivals and Events
28 September
It seems there are two otherwise unnotable towns, Baza and Guadix. They fight over possession of this statue, the "Virgin of Piedad". They've fought over it for five centuries.
...Every year, Guadix sends a team of representatives to Baza in an attempt to get the statue. These representatives are the "Cascamorras". People of Baza wait for the Cascamorras with a big bag of dirt, tinted water, and eggs…It seems there are two otherwise unnotable towns, Baza and Guadix. They fight over possession of this statue, the "Virgin of Piedad". They've fought over it for five centuries....Read More
La Tomatina
29 August
[last Wed. of every August] SPAIN La Tomatina at Buñol town in Valencia - a huge and incredibly messy public fight with 25 tons of tomatoes, one day. Big kids should get down to Bunol and let rip.
Every year the population of the small town of Bunyol grows from less than 10,000 to approximately 30,000 as visitors pour in to take part of La Tomatina. La Tomatina is a two hour long food fight where people gather in the streets to launch approximately 250,000 pounds of tomatoes at one another. This is a food fight like no other. ........... Read More
 The dance of the mad
 28th December


Jalance Day of Fools
28 December
Jalanca, Valencia
How about this for an odd and strange festival in Spain
The Baby-Jumping Colacho Festival
Castrillo de Murcia
15 June - 19 June
This is one bizarre but interesting festival. Infants born only a few months before are selected to lie upon the street. Grown men dressed as the devil, or El Colacho, leap over them removing any evil that may be around the child. The town has celebrated this day since 1620.

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