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 All Saints Day in Cocentaina
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All Saints Day in Cocentaina
1st to 4th November 
 over 660 years of celebrating

Occupying more than 90,000 square metres, the fair will have 700 exhibit and points-of-sale stands. 500,000 people are expected to visit Cocentaina in 4 days. The fira coincides with a medieval market in the Vila area, and an Islamic fair in the Raval.

In 1346, Pedro IV el Ceremonioso signed a decree allowing Cocentaina to celebrate the Fira de Tots Sants. This festivity also coincided with the end of the agricultural season when the carob beans were gathered, the almonds husked, and the olives and the grapes were pressed. It was time to acquire new animals and agricultural utensils.

Today, the fair, which has adapted to the demands of industrialism and modern social and economical exigencies, is an important event for the people of the Region of Valencia. It shows the evolution of the primary sector (which used to be the fundamental livelihood of the region).

In addition, the fair provides opportunities to enjoy Cocentaina's fine cuisine, with tasty dishes such as olleta, facedures de dacsa, mentirons, pericana and l'espencat de bacallÓ. Typical tapas are tostons, roviols and sangueta. And delicious desserts include mantecats, almonds and boniato pastissets. Popular drinks are the herbero and mentira, aigua llimˇ negre and herbal teas from the Serra Mariola.

Also, in addition to the fira, cultural events and shows have been programmed. So come to the Fira de Tots Sants in Cocentaina


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