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Gastronomy Fair
Alto Palancia
Another year the Alto Palencia welcomes their expected Gastronomic where 23 restaurants will offer delicious menus and care for food lovers. Menus that you can taste Durantes weekends from 1 February to 2 March.
Alto Palancia is famous for its rich gastronomy and extensive range of local produce.
At least 34 restaurants from various municipalities in the area, including Almedijar, Altura, Azuebar, Bejís, Caudiel, Castellnovo, Chóvar, El Toro, Gaibiel, Jérica, Navajas, Segorbe, Peñalba, Teresa, Torás and Viver will be offering a whole host of delicious culinary creations between 6th February and 6th March.
The recipes chosen by the restaurants never fail to impress, made using exceptional skill and finesse and finding the perfect combination of modernity and tradition in each of the dishes.
A cream of pea emulsion with slivers of Iberian cured ham, Cannelloni filled with hake, monkfish and salmon in an aurora sauce, and mille-feuille of morcilla sausage, baby broad beans and tender garlic shoots are just a few of the delicacies served up by these restaurants.
This Fair has been taking place since 1998, creating fixed-price menus that aim to promote the gastronomic values of the area and the participating restaurants
Alto Palancia in the province of Castellón between the Natural Parks of Calderona and Sierra de Espadán.

The Alto Palancia Gastronomy Fair until the
 6th March, is held in ltura, Segorbe, Navajas and El Toro and is the 13th edition of the Alto Palanca Gastronomy Fair.
 35 restaurants in the area will be creating special menus based on local products, tastes and products such as   esgarraet (cod and peppers), home-made sobrasadas (pork sausages) and its famous rice dishes.

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Alto Palancia
(Valencian: Alt Palància) is a comarca in the province of Castellón, Valencian Community, Spain


Calle Marcelino Blasco,3 12400 SEGORBE
Teléfono:964713254 / Fax:964713254
The Alto Palancia Gastronomy Fair
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XIV Jornadas Gastronómicas del Alto Palancia
Un año más la comarca del Alto Palancia, acoge sus esperadas Jornadas Gastronómicas, este año es la XIV edición, donde 34 restaurantes de 16 municipios, elaboran menús con productos típicos de la zona, como es la Olla de pueblo, embutido y cordero de la comarca, etc...

Durante los fines de semana de febrero y el primero de marzo, podrás degustar la gastronomía típica del Alto Palancia, ¡no te lo puedes perder!.

Los restaurantes participantes son:

Participating restaurants:

- Restaurant Castle Almedijar. Tel 964137474
- Hotel Restaurant Victoria (H) Tel 964146153/625523204
- Restaurant the Street (H) 964 147 027 Tel.
- Restaurant Tel 964146329 Municipal Park (height).
- Restaurante-Hostal Rural Espadà (Azuébar) Tel 964650151/691585025
- Restaurant The Pita Train (Bejís) Tel 964 120 164
- Hotel Mas Durbá (Castellnovo) 964 764 419 Tel.
- Restaurante Asador Casa Inma (Caudiel) Cell 650238121/609416223/964144423
- Restaurant La Carbonera (Chóvar) 964 651 056 Tel.
- Hotel Rural Los Abriles (EL Toro) 964 123 124 Tel.
- Grill The Rocking Granny (Gaibiel) Cell 964142742/659365135/618014091.
- Restaurante El Porvenir (Gaibiel) 964 142 418 Tel.
- Hotel Rosadela Doncel (Jerica) 964 128 017 Tel.
- Hotel Salto de la Novia (Navajas) 647 456 119 Tel.
- Restaurant Alto Mira (Navajas) 964 712 112 Tel.
- Hair Idubeda (Peñalba-Segorbe) Cell 964713038/655559044
- Restaurant 50 Spouts (Segorbe) Cell 964710113/645184833.
- The Martin Hotel Human (Segorbe) Tel 964 713 601
- Restaurant Ambigú (Segorbe) Tel 964711744/625052822.
- Casa Alba (Segorbe) Cell 964713110/635270789.
- Inn Restaurant Millán (Segorbe) Tel 964135225/964135161.
- Restaurante Casa Álvaro (Viver) Cell 964141116/630113813.
- Bar-Restaurante El Cristo (Viver) 964 141 033 Tel.
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Calle Marcelino Blasco,3
Tel: 964713254
Fax : 964711953
Email: segorbe@touristinfo.net