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The Ten Best Cities to Visit in Spain
The Best Places to Visit in Spain
The ten best places to visit in Spain
Best Places to visit in Barcelona
Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona
(MACBA) (Barcelona)
Casa-Museo Gaudí
- House-Museum of Gaudí (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932193811
Museo de Cerámica
- Pottery Museum (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932805024
Museo Etnográfico Andino-amazónico
- Andean-Amazonian Ethnographic Museum (Barcelona)
 Capuchin church of Sarria - Ethnographic Museum Andean Amazon
The museum contains ethnographic materials collected from the first years of this century by Capuchin monks in the vast area of ​​the Colombian Amazon watered by rivers Caquetá, Putumayo and Amazon, which runs from the foot of the Andes to the trapeze Amazon in the border crossing from Colombia, Brazil and Peru. On display are some of the most significant elements of ethnography, zoology and botany Andean Amazon, as well as a collection of pre-Columbian ceramics and other ethnographic evidence from other cultures.
The museum is installed in the Capuchin monastery of Sarria and was restored in the early postwar years by the nineteenth-century architect Pedro Benavente.
Address: C Cardinal Vives and tutoring 16
Phone: 932043458
District: Sarria-Sant Gervasi
Area: Sarria
Code: 08034
tel. +34 932043458

Fundación Joan Miró
 - Joan Miró Foundation
tel. +34 934439470
Museo Marítimo
- Maritime Museum (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933429920
Museo de Arqueología de Cataluña (MAC) -
Archeological Museum of Catalonia (MAC) (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934246577
Museo de Historia de la Ciudad
- City History Museum (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933153053 +34 932562100
Museo del Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia
- Sagrada Familia Church Museum (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932073031
Museo Textil y de Indumentaria
- Textiles and Clothing Museum (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933197603
Museo de la Fundación Antoni Tàpies
- Museum of the Antoni
Tàpies Foundation (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934870315
Museo del Fútbol Club Barcelona
- Museum of the Barcelona Football Club (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934963608


Museo Egipcio
 - Egyptian Museum (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934880188
Museo Picasso
- Picasso Museum (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933196310
Centro de Cultura Contemporánea (CCCB)
- Contemporary Culture Center (CCCB) (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933064100
Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña (MNAC)
- National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) (Barcelona)
tel. Reserva de grupos: +34 936220383 +34 936220376
CosmoCaixa (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932126050


Museo Municipal de Badalona
- Badalona Municipal Museum (Badalona)
tel. +34 933841750


Monistrol de Montserrat
Museo de Montserrat - Montserrat Museum (Montserrat)
tel. +34 938777701




Museo Romántico
- Romantic Museum (Sitges)
The "Can Llopis" Romantic Museum,  in a late-18th-century house, depicts the lifestyle of a rich Catalan family at the height of the Romanticism movement.  Includes a collection of over 400 dolls.
Contact Address:
Calle Sant Gaudenci, 1 08870 Sitges (Barcelona)
Tel. +34 938942969 / Fax +34 938948529

Museo Maricel
- Maricel Museum (Sitges)
Open in summer from 9h30 to 14h and from 17 to 19h.
The Maricel Museum, in Sitges, part of an old hospital from the 14th century turned to a modernist style by the artist Miguel Utrillo.  Paintings and sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries.
tel. +34 938940364

Museo Cau Ferrat -
 Cau Ferrat Museum (Sitges)
Contact Address:
Calle Fonollar, s/n 08870 Sitges (Barcelona)
Tel. +34 938940364 / Fax +34 938948529
Museo Cau Ferrat - Cau Ferrat  is a small gallery with works by artist Santiago Rusiñol and his contemporaries. It is also houses the world's largest collection of wrought iron
tel. +34 938940364


Centro de Documentación y Museo Textil
- Textile Museum and Documentation Centre (Terrassa)
tel. +34 937315202

Museo de la Ciencia y de la Técnica de Cataluña
- Catalonia Science and Technology Museum (Terrassa)
tel. +34 937368966


Museo Episcopal de Vic - Episcopal Museum of Vic (Vic)
tel. +34 938869360

Natural Parks

Parque Natural de la Montaña de Montserrat
+34 938777777 Ext (7511) +34 938777777 Ext (7596)
Monistrol de Montserrat
Near the Reserve there are many towns with elements of artistic and cultural interest but the most outstanding building is unmistakable Sant María Monastery, a majestic construction containing architectonic items from the 11th to the 19th centuries,  the Monastery and the image of 'la Moreneta' inside, are a true symbol of Catalonia

Parque Natural de Massís del Montseny
+34 938475102
Sant Celoni
Cultural surroundings
As well as the superb natural beauty of the park you can visit over a dozen small Romanesque mountain temples such as the parish churches of Montseny, Brull, Sant Marçal, Sant Martí del Montseny or Aiguafreda de Dalt, amongst others

La Mar Bella (Barcelona)
The only beach in Barcelona were you don't necessarily have to have a bathing costume, nude, topless, bottomless it's all OK here. All the facilities are here, remember that in Spain animals particularly dogs are not allowed on beach's and the police are very strict about it. You will have to pay an on the spot fine of several hundred euros and prove your I.D.

Calella (Calella)
Calela,on the Costa del Maresme, in the Province of Barcelona, Spain.
 The Playa de Calella is its main attraction, though today there are more things to do in this town besides going to the beach.

Sitges is one of the biggest tourist destinations on the coast of Barcelona, Spain. Sitges is famous for its carnival and its film festival.

Pineda de Mar
Pineda de Mar is a town near Barcelona, Spain, on the Costa del Maresme. It has nice golden sandy beaches to get that perfect tan.

Montgat, Spain is a town near Barcelona on the Costa del Maresme and is surrounded by hills such as Les Guixeres and Las Marquesas.

Vilasar de Mar
Vilasar de Mar, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain is full of the character of the sea a very old beach shanty town full of old salty sea dogs, sailors and fishermen of the Costa del Maresme.

Premia de Mar
Premia de Mar, Barcelona, Spain is on the Costa del Maresme and has fine
 golden sandy beaches. A tourist hot spot and there is plenty of accommodation here as well as restaurants, and other services. A good alternative to Barcelona, relax away from the city. There are plenty sport activities especially aquatic sports.

Canet de Mar
Canet de Mar, Spain is close to Barcelona and a good beach base.

Aremys de Mar
Aremys de Mar, Spain is a small town near Barcelona tourist and fishing hot spot. Its marina is used for fishing and recreation, and is one of the most important ports in the province. The nightlife here as well as its beaches are the main attractions.

Vilanova i la Geltru
Vilanova and La Geltru (or Villanueva and Geltru) is a small village near Barcelona, Spain and has a beach and  promenade.

Mataro is a town in the Province of Barcelona, Spain and has a yachting harbour and fine beaches, which are its main tourist attractions. There are also plenty of hotels and accommodation here for your Spainish holiday.

Badalona, near Barcelona Spain is  is a busy place with over 200,000 people living in it. Bordering Badalona are the towns of Sant Adria de Beson and Santa Coloma de Gramanet. The town´s beaches have nice golden sand, and are its main tourist attraction, along with its nightlife, bars, and restaurants.

Malgrat de Mar
Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona, Spain is a small town on the Costa del Maresme.  This town near Barcelona has three really fine beaches for sun and sea lovers. There is also plenty of holiday accommodation to choose from

Playa del Bogatell (Barcelona)
This beach is very close to the Olympic Port. It has a lifeguard service, showers, ramps to take you on to the beach, bars, restaurants, parking, etc. The promenade runs until Sant Sebastiá Beach, in the Barceloneta district
 Fine Golden Sand and a calm sea

Castelldefels (Castelldefels)
Casteldefels is a small town near Barcelona, Spain.
Playa Castelldefels Beach blue flag is a very well equipped beach, with  young ambience. It has a Nautical Club and several schools for sailing.
A well equipped beach with all facilities and services.

Iglesia de Sant Pere de les Puelles - Sant Pere de les Puelles Church (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932680742

Palau de la Música Catalana – Catalonia Palau de la Música Auditorium (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932957200

Arco de Triunfo – Triumphal Arch (Barcelona)

Aduana Vieja – Old Customs House (Barcelona)
tel. +34935209000 +34 935209446

Colegio de las Teresianas - Colegio de las Teresianas House (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932123354

Town Hall or “Casa de la Ciutat” (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934027000

Reials Drassanes - Reials Drassanes Boatyards (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933429920

La Boqueria (Barcelona)

Villa Olímpica – Olympic Village (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932853834

Antiguo Hospital de la Santa Creu – Old Santa Creu Hospital (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932702300

Catedral de Barcelona – Barcelona Cathedral (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933428260

Casa Batlló – Casa Batlló House (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934880666 +34 932160306

Palacio Güell – Güell Palace (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933173974

Monasterio de Pedralbes - Pedralbes Monastery (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932039282

 Catedral de Barcelona – Barcelona Cathedral (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933428260

Casa Batlló – Casa Batlló House (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934880666 +34 932160306

Palacio Güell – Güell Palace (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933173974

Monasterio de Pedralbes - Pedralbes Monastery (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932039282

Casa Vicens – Casa Vicens House (Barcelona)

El Born - El Born neighbourhood (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933190222

Palacio Moja – Moja Palace (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933162740

Palacio de Requesens - Requesens Palace (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933102349

Palau de la Virreina - Virreina Palace (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933017775

Monumento a Colón - Christopher Columbus monument (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933025224

Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya – Catalonia Regional Government Building (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934024600

Casa de Clariana-Padellàs - Casa de Clariana-Padellàs House (History Museum) (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933151111

Pabellones Güell - Güell pavilions (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932045250

Palau de Sant Jordi - Sant Jordi Palace (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934262089

Capilla de Marcús - Marcús Chapel (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933190516

Iglesia de Santa María del Mar - Santa María del Mar Church (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933102390

Iglesia de Sant Pau del Camp - Sant Pau del Camp Church (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934410001

Templo de Augusto – Augusto Roman Temple (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933190222

Palau Reial Major - Palau Reial Major Palace (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933151111

Pabellón de Mies Van der Rohe - Mies Van der Rohe Pavilion (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934234016

Casa de L'Ardiaca - Casa de L'Ardiaca House (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933181195

Mercat de Sant Antoni - Sant Antoni Market (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934234287

Hospital de la Santa Creu y Sant Pau - Santa Creu y Sant Pau Hospital (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934880139

Iglesia de la Concepció – La Concepció Church (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934586372 +34 934576552

Casa Calvet - Casa Calvet House (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934124012

Necrópolis Romana – Roman Necropolis (Barcelona)

Gran Teatre del Liceu - Gran Teatre del Liceu Theatre (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934859914 +34 934859900

Casa de la Pía Almoina - Casa de la Pía Almoina House (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933152213

Palacio de Berenguer d´Aguilar - Berenguer d´Aguilar Palace (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933196310

Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Merced - Nuestra Señora de La Merced Basilica (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933105051 +34 933152756

 Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Merced - Nuestra Señora de La Merced Basilica (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933105051 +34 933152756

Palau Episcopal - Episcopal Palace (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932701012

Capilla de Santa Ágata - Santa Ágata Chapel (Barcelona)
tel. +34 933190222

La Sagrada Familia - La Sagrada Familia Cathedral (Barcelona)
tel. +34 932073031

Parque Güell – Güell Park (Barcelona)
tel. +34 934132400

Casa Milà "La Pedrera" - Casa Milà "La Pedrera" House (Barcelona)
tel. +34 902400973

Monistrol de Montserrat
Monasterio de Montserrat – Montserrat Monastery (Monistrol de Montserrat)
tel. +34 938777766

Sant Cugat del Vallès
Monasterio de Sant Cugat del Vallés - Sant Cugat del Vallés Monastery (Sant Cugat del Vallès)
tel. +34 935896366 +34 936759951

Santa Coloma de Cervelló
Cripta de la Colonia Güell - Colonia Güell Crypt (Santa Coloma de Cervelló)


Catedral de Vic – Vic Cathedral (Vic)
tel. +34 938864449

 Barcelona Concerts
Barcelona Fiestas, Festivals


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