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Cueva Groto Benidoleig
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Cueva Groto  Benidoleig
300 meter cave with stalagmites, stalactites and domes of 20 mt. dating back 50,000 years with many human and animal bone remains. Situated on the Benidoleig to Pedreguer road, Costa Blanca North.
Tlf: 966 404 235
 A journey into the past where man has lived since prehistoric times, it is associated with ancient Moorish and Christian legends.
King Ahli Moho, sought refuge in the cave with his great treasure and his harem of 150 women, fleeing the Cid, getting caught and dying all."

Cueva de las Calaveras ( Cave of the skulls ) is an old an interesting cave. The sense of history and the size of this cave is immense. Tests done on animal and human bones found in here date back 50,000 years ago. The entrance of the cave is huge and  the roof is blackened with soot from ancient cooking fires and fires to drive away wild animals. There is evidence of large bone deposits from creatures hunted and fished by early settlers. The cave is huge and filled with the biggest stalactites and stalagmites, weird twisted shapes. There is a colony of bats that can only bee seen when they fly. As is often the case the cave was originally an underground river and lake  and there are the remains of an underground river of crystal clear water. The water of which has been used over the years to irrigate the farms around and it is still used today to supply the local town.
The cave gets it name from a gruesome discovery. The local legend is  that  150 skulls were found arranged in a circle. The skulls belonged to a Moorish king named Ahli Moho also known as Petracos . He lived at Castell de Castells and went into hiding from El Cid Compeador. Ahli took his treasure and his harem of 150 women and went and hid in the cave. At the time the entrance was hidden by vegetation. He disappeared. Something must have happened, either a landslide, they took poison or were trapped and they all died. When the cave was discovered the skulls were arranged in a circle. The treasure was never discovered and neither was the supposedly fabulous jewellery worn by his harem.

A grotto cavity formed in limestone from the early Cretaceous period over 130 million years ago. First discoveredin 1768 by the naturalist Cavanilles. In 1913, the pre-historian, H. Breuil, noted their importance. The grotto has great geological and archaeological value, with Palaeolithic and Neolithic remains having been found, as well as paleontological vestiges of hyenas, horses, bears, bulls, hippopotami and rhinoceroses, all now housed in Alcoy Museum.

The entrance is 70 metres above sea level and the cave extends for 440 metres, the visitors’ path being over 300 m in length. In it, you can see stalactites, stalagmites and large domes, more than 50 metres high. The final leg of the route leads to a beautiful lake called Toll Blau.

Las Calaveras Cave

Carretera de Benidoleig-Pedreguer, s/n

03759 Benidoleig (Alicante-Alacant)



Tel.:+34 966404235
The Cave of Skulls
Open between

 Sep 16 to Jun 14

Does not close at midday

From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

From Jun 15 to Sep 15

Does not close at midday

From 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
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Cueva Groto  Benidoleig Best places to visit in Spain
Benidoleig near Javea in Valencia / Alicante