Festa del Moscatell
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Festa del Moscatell
Teulada - Moraira
Wine harvest parade
 24th August 2013

On 24th: Fiesta of "Moscatel" in Teulada.
A special celebration for the farmers, at the completion of their harvest and the collection of the Moscatel grape which is sent to markets nationwide. Nighttime fiesta, tasting of the Moscatel. In the Avenida las Palmas• At 7.30p.m: Wine harvest parade, with carts from "la Venta" (Pl. Gabriel Miró) to Glorieta de Sant Vicent, in collaboration with the Muleteer's association "Alejandro Morell" and the Folkdances Group "Font Santa". Performance of several folkdances
• Next, : Demostration of Traditional wine making (grape's treading) at the Glorieta". Afterwards a wine tasting of wines and mistela produced in the Agricultural Cooperative Sant Vicent Ferrer
• After that: Tasting of "Moscatell"'s wines
• Next: Tasting of wines and "tapas" in the "Agricultural Cooperative San Vicente Ferrer" (tickets on sale at that time)
• Spanish omelette Contest (+info at Agricultural Cooperative Sant Vicent Ferrer ) and delivery of prizes.
• At 10.00p.m: Popular dinner, distribution of "cocas" with tomato and oil.

At 11p.m:
- Open-air dance
- Free Muscatel grapes tasting.
- Free "Mistela" - Muscatel wine - tasting at the Agricultural Cooperative San Vicente Ferrer. (There will be bar service)


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