Festival in honour of Christopher Columbus



Festival in honour of Christopher Columbus
29th July to 3rd August

Festival in honour of Christopher Columbus. This festival is closely linked to the discovery of America and the date the caravels set sail to the New World under the orders of the Admiral Christopher Columbus. Festival and fun in the town in tribute to those sailors and navigators who participated in the discovery of America. If you visit you will have fun on the fairground and you can also enjoy the bullfights.
The Fiestas Colombinas  is Huelva's most beautiful and exciting festivity; it si one of the best festivals in Andalucia, Spain.
This important fiesta celebrates the lives of the navigators and sailors who set sail for the Indies from the port of Palos with Admiral Christopher Columbus and the series of events of events  that led to the ships setting off on their epic journey has been celebrated since 1882.

After the sailing the festivities remember the discovery of America and the departure of the three caravelles on 3 August, 1492. This is the most important day of the celebrations, which last for a total of six days, during which time the city is caught up in a constant atmosphere of fun and high spirits.
The events include sporting competitions (swimming, kayaking, sailing, fishing...), and an incredible lighting display as well as the bullfighting events.
Nothing is missed in a chance for fun and entertainment so there will also be
 a full programme of festivities also includes a series of other disciplines: the Columbus Golf Trophy, petanque, archery and pelota. Football is also particularly highlighted with the celebration of the Columbus Football Trophy, starring the oldest club in Spanish football, the Recreativo de Huelva.
There are also numerous musical concerts and bullfighting, both the traditional kind and on horseback. The celebrations also include exhibitions and theatre events.
The festivities officially open with the inaugural event in which the entrance is illuminated, and a magnificent castle of fireworks. From that moment on, the Real de la Feria fairground is transformed into a small city exploding with light, colour and music, and its over 75 marquees and local associations throw open their doors to everyone who comes to dance, eat, drink and have fun.
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