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Fresh water swimming
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Safe Mountain Campaign

Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing

Aragonese Mountaineering Federation

Government of Aragon

Please use MIDE? (Excursion Information Method)
MIDE - Important safety information for use in mountains of Aragon ( and elsewhere )
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An Ibón is a Pyrenean lake of glacial origin.

Ibón is the Aragonese word for the Pyrenean lakes of glacial origin, although it was also used in other parts of the High Aragon to denominate springs that gushed out, forming pools or lagoons.

Asnos - Ibón

Town: Panticosa
Area: Alto Gállego
No. Wetland: HUM031
Altitude: 2048 m

Access by car. Starting point:
Panticosa Ski Resort Parking
(Consult schedules and prices in
In July and August the
Station offers gondola service to the Petrosos, from where a 4x4 bus takes the ibón.

Description of the route
Al ibón de Asnos is accessed directly from the gondola and then the 4x4 bus  in summer
The ski resort. From  Asses, to the ibón de Sabocos descending by path the hill of
Sabocos (30 minutes). Another possibility is to walk from the gondola; The route to the two Iberians is clear and in
The case of the Sabocos ibón is marked as PR-HU 95. Finally, it is possible to start this PR from the
Same Panticosa station, although it is a demanding route (20.4 km of circular route and 1,040 m of
Safe Mountain Campaign

Ibon Asnos
click for Google maps

in town Panticosa ski station

in mountains Panticosa ski station

ibon Sabasco
ibon Sabocos

ibon Sabocos - street view

ibon Asnos

Penticosa town hall official website

Penticosa is a formidable centre of excellence for mountain pursuits:-

Mountain Walking
High Mountain Climbing
Rock Climbing
Mountain Bike
Wild Mushrooms
Sports Centre - La Paul

Government of Aragon

official Aragon Tourist Guide

Sanabria Lake Nature Reserve
Zamora Province, Castile and León, Spain
Sanabria Lake Nature Reserve
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street view beach

Ribadelago town hall website

Sanabria Lake Nature Reserve

Parador de Puebla de Sanabria

Parador de Puebla de Sanabria
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Parador Hotel Puebla de Sanabria
Parador Hotel Puebla de Sanabria

Puebla de Sanabria town hall website

some great local pictures of the lake and countryside

Les Fontes de l' Algar
Algar Waterfalls
Les Fontes de l' Algar
Algar Waterfalls - a natural park
Les Fontes de l' Algar

The Algar Waterfalls, Alicante
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Callosa d'en Sarria Town Hall website

Tourism information

Les Fontes de l' Algar

Parador Hotel Javea
Parador Hotel Javea

The Algar Waterfalls
Algar s/n 03510
Callosa d’en Sarriŕ (Alicante)
Phone: 96.588.01.53

Tourist Info de Callosa d’en Sarriŕ
C/ San Antonio, 203510
Callosa d’en Sarriŕ (Alicante)
Phone: 96.588.01.53

Cuerda del Pozo Reservoir
Soria province

Cuerda del Pozo Reservoir, Soria province
click for Google maps

Cuerda del Pozo Reservoir
click for street view

Soria Town Hall website

Tourism guide

Parador Soria
Parador Soria

Parador de Soria
map Parador de Soria
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Ermita de san Saturio, Soria

Vinuesa Town Hall
Plaza Juan Carlos,I
42150 Vinuesa, Soria
tel: +34 975378011

García de Sola
García de Sola reservoir
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Castilblanco Town Hall website
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Ayuntamiento de Castilblanco
Plaza de Espańa 1
C.P. 06680 Castilblanco. Badajoz
Tel: 924 654111

Badajoz Town Hall website
Plaza de Espańa, 1
06002 Badajoz (Espańa)
+34 924 21 00 00

Parador de Mérida, Badajoz

Parador de Mérida, Badajoz
click for Google maps

C/Almendralejo, 56
06800 Mérida Badajoz
+34 924313800
+34 924319208

Parador de Merida, Badajoz

Parador de zafra, Badajoz
Parador de zafra, Badajoz
click for Google maps

Plaza Corazón de María, 7
06300 Zafra Badajoz
+34 924554540
+34 924551018

Parador de zafra, Badajoz

Parador de zafra, Badajoz

Parador de zafra, Badajoz

Parador de zafra, Badajoz

González Lacasa Reservoir

Google map

el rasillo de cameros townhall website

la Plaza General San Martín s/n. C.P. 26124.
Tel:941 46 21 01

tourism guide

local museum

street view from above map location

Burgos town hall website
Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Burgos
Plaza Mayor, 1 - 09071 BURGOS
tel. 947 288 800

Tourist guide

museo de la evolucion humana

Parador de Lerma
Parador de lerma, Burgos

Parador de lerma website
Plaza Mayor, 1
09340 Lerma Burgos
+34 947177110
+34 947170685

La rioja tourism guide

Embalse de Yesa (Yesa Reservoir)
Navarre, Aragon
Embalse de Yesa, Navarre
click image for Google maps
Embalse de Yesa (Yesa Reservoir)

Yesa town hall website

tierras de javier town hall tourist guide

Castle of Javier

Navarre Tourism

Aragon Tourism

Navarra local page

street view ( near Tiermas on map )

Parador de olite, south of Pamplona
Parador de olite, Pamplona

Parador de olite, south of Pamplona
Parador Olite ( 45km south of Pamplona )

Olite town hall website


Embalse de alloz (reservoir)

local page

Embalse de alloz (reservoir)

Embalse de alloz (reservoir)

training schools on the lake for 2017
details on courses and equipment etc for groups, schools
Programming a camp aimed at Associations, Clubs, organized groups, etc. It will be able to adapt to your needs and a plan of activities.

Sunday afternoon to following Sunday afternoon.

Groups of 25 children. Ages 9 to 13 years

Read more on Navarra

Burguillo Reservoir
Ávila province
Burguillo Reservoir, Ávila province
situated south of Avila

Avila - Azorin said"The most 16th century town of all those in Spain"

Avila town hall tourism guide

Avila Tourist guide

places of interest in Avila

The walls of Avila
The walls of Avila

The palaces of Avila

The Palace of Aguila
The Palace of Aguila

Sierra Norte de Sevilla

San Nicolas del Puerto

About an hour and half north of Sevilla and right a bit is the beautiful San Nicolas del Puerto with bars and restaurants within it including amazingly freshwater swimming in a safe shallow river with gentle purpose made slopes into the water.

Sierra Norte de Sevilla

Tourist information locations
Beautiful rolling hills, valleys and parkland rich in history, wild life and botanical interest.
The official Junta website contains useful information on:- Map
Reception Facilities
Cycle Route

Don't miss San Nicolas del Puerto, beautiful !. Freshwater swimming.
San Nicolas del Puerto map location

San Nicolas del Puerto town hall website

San Nicolas del Puerto town hall information on camping and accommodation

San Nicolas del Puerto, Sevilla, Spain. Freshwater swimming in Spain.

San Nicolas del Puerto, Sevilla, Spain

click image for Google streetview

Huéznar Cascades Cascadas del Huéznar

41388 Ribera del Huésna, Seville, Spain
+34 955 88 95 93

Huéznar Cascades - Cascadas del Huéznar Google maps

street view

Just a bit further along the road is Huéznar Cascades Cascadas del Huézna, named after the waterfalls and pools along the Huézna River.

Andalucia junta official guide

El Gorgo de la Escalera en Anna.

Diseminado Poligono 11, 34, 46820 Anna,
Valencia, Spain
+34 962 21 01 36

Google maps
A long staircase that goes deep into icy waters very close to Lake Anna. (There is a charge of € 2 per person).

Anna Lake

Paraje de la Albufera, s/n, 46820 Anna, Valencia, Spain
+34 962 21 01 36

Google maps

- Anna Lake, Albufera de Anna is a natural lake where swimming is not allowed, but there is a "pool" of natural spring water "cold but nice on a hot day" where swimming is allowed. There are boat rides, snack bars, kiosks and toilets. (There is a charge of € 3 per person).

Los Charcos de Quesa

46824 Quesa, Valencia, Spain

46825 Bicorp, Valencia, Spain

Google maps

Los Charcos de Quesa

Google maps image content

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