La Cova del Rull. Vall d'Ebo, Marina Alta, Costa Blanca Spain
Natural cave with rare calc formations
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La Cova dell Rull, near Pego, Javea, Alicante, Spain

The little village of Vall d' Ebo is set in a mountainous area of the Alicante province, Spain approximately 30kms from Denia. It is reached by a sinuous road from Pego, passing the ravines of ' la canya' and 'l'inferno'. The journey is well worthwhile to see the marvellous cave La Cova del Rull with it's spectacular stalactites and stalagmites and rocks of wonderful shapes and colours.

 A short drive up the hill from Vall de Ebo, follow signs for Vall d’Alcalà, is the Cova de Rull.
La Cova de Rull was discovered in 1919 by local farmer José Vicente Mengal  ( known locally as Uncle Rull) when trying to rescue his dog after it had disappeared down a rabbit hole The Cova de Rull is estimated to be between five and seven million years old. Visitors can take guided tour and wander through caves with splendid formations of stalactites and stalagmites with such endearing names as Catedral de Diamantes, where the rock sparkles in the light of the guide's lamp, and La Flor, an opening in the cavern roof which has petal-like stone layers overlaying each other resembling a beautiful flower in full bloom.
 The Vall d’Ebo is filled with dramatic views, mountain highs, valley lows and prehistoric calcium natural caves.  La Cova del Rull  is situated in a steep mountainous area where cold mountain streams  pour over endless waterfalls and man seems very small indeed.

Once inside this natural wonder is filled with the sights are wonderful including the ‘the diamond cathedral’,  covered in tiny calcium crystals that reflect the light and give it the expensive look of a specially created diamond sculpture.
One of the most unique features in Europe in the Cova del Rull is the ‘flower’ on the ceiling  having the appearance of the spread of petals and in the centre is a ‘chimney’ that extends upwards for thirteen metres.

The viewing gallery at the highest point of the cave displays the panorama  in all its magnificence.


Guided tours of the Cova del Rull are available, check for dates and times
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The landscape in the Marina Alta is typically limestoneeroded by water. About half the the land of Valencia has this type of landscape.  Some rivers flow through narrow defiles created by limestone water erosion: The Montileó, the Mijares, the Turía and the Júcar. A spectacular example in the Marina Alta is the Barranco del Infierno (Hell's ravine) near Vall De Ebo. As well as spectacular scenery above ground this process creates just as spectacular scenery underground and there is an extensive cave network in the Valencia region.
 Five caves have so far been prepared for tourists visits in the land of Valencia : Les Coves de San Josep (La Vall d'Uixó) Cueva de Don Juan (Jalance), Cove del Rull (Vallde Ebo), Cova de les Calaveres (Benidoleig) and les coves del Canelobre (Busot).
Cueva de Rull
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