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Moors and Christians  La Vila Joiosa.

Type: Fiesta programmes
Start date: 24-07-2013
End date: 01-08-2013
Web: www.associaciosantamarta.org

Wednesday, 24th July:

At 9 PM. Inauguration of the Artistic lighting. After that, the OFFICIAL MUSIC BANDS PARADE, starting from Associació Santa Marta's Headquarters and ending at "Finca La Barbera dels Aragonés" where the anthem of the Comunitat Valenciana Anthem will be played. The activity will end with a spectacular mascletá (firecrackers, popularly known as "masclets"), which will mark the beginning of the festivity.

Thursday, 25th July:


The parade will start from C/Colón and will continue through Avenida del País Valencià to Plaza de la Generalitat , where it will end. The Christian Troops will march in the following order: Drums, Associació Santa Marta Flag, "Marinos" (Sailors), "Caçadors" (Hunters), "Voluntaris" (Volunteers), "Pescadors" (Fishermen), Catalans (Catalonians) , Artillería Cristiana (Christian Artillery), Contrabandistes (Smugglers), Pirates, Destralers (Axemen), Llauradors (Peasants), to finish with the Almogavers and the Christian King with his escort.

Friday, 26th July.


The parade will start from C/Colón and will continue through Avenida País Valencià to Plaza de la Generalitat, where it will end.

The Moorish Troops will march in the following order: Drums, Associació Santa Marta Flag, Mercaders (Traders), Artillería Mora (Moorish Artillery), "Pak.kos", "Guàrdia Negra", "Beduïns", "Berberiscos" (Berbers), "Tuaregs", "Moros del Riff", "Negres", "Islam", to finish with the "Capetes" and Moorish King with his escort.

Saturday, 27th July.

At 6 PM. Meeting of the Pescadors, Marinos, Pirates Corsaris and Contrabandistes at Glorieta del Barranquet, on the crossroad with Av. Del Pais Valencià, to continue straight away through Avinguda Varadero down to the the Fisher Harbour to board the boats.and the Christian troops resistance, get to reach the Castle where the Smugglers Parley will take place.
At 7 PM. Marching of the Christian Army from Parque Censal, in front of C/ Pizarro to Centro Beach, where they will defend the castle.
At 8 PM. At Centro Beach - Surrounding of the Smugglers and Pirates, trying to reach the shore to trade the contraband with the locals.

After a fight with the Christian troops, they get to the castle where the Smugglers Parley (Ambaixada or Embajada Contrabandista) will take place to join forces against the Moors.

At 9 PM. PRESENTATION OF THE MOORISH TROOPS TO THEIR KING starting from the crossroad between C/Pizarro and Avda. Pais Valencià to the Castle (Plaza de la Generalitat). where the Bedouins Parley will take place.

Sunday, 28th July.

From 04.45 AM. Marching of the Christian Army through Costera La Mar to the Christian camp, set up on the beach. After that, "L'ESPERA DELS HEROIS", light and sound show with pyrotechnics and harquebus firing.

At dawn; general alarm on the beach. The fighting is getting intense and the Moorish Troops are ready to begin THE DISEMBARKMENT.

After that, Moors and Christians will fight hand-to-hand until they reach the castle where the armies of the half moon will win the battle and occupy the fortress.

At 8 PM. Christian Parley and big battle between Moors and Christians in the fortification, which will end with the RECONQUEST OF THE CASTLE by the Christian Troops.

The symbolic drowning of the Moors in The Sea will end the singular battle. Then, the Thanksgiving to our Patron Santa Marta will take place in the Ntra. Sra.de la Asunción Parish Church.

After this activity at Pza. Generalitat, TWENTY ONE CANON SHOTS BY THE CHRISTIAN ARTILLERY, hosted by the Moorish and the Christian Kings and the Authorities, announcing the day of our Patron Saint.

Monday, 29th of July

At 11.30 AM. The procession will start from the Association's Headquarters, attended by the Captains, Banner-Bearer, Moorish and Christian kings as well as the "Associació Santa Marta", Authorities, "festers" and neighbours who are willing to attend the ceremony.

At 12 AM. CHURCH SERVICE in honour of our Patron Saint, in the Ntra. Sra. de la Asunción Church.
At 8 PM. SOLEMN PROCESSION through the streets of the old town (Casco Antiguo), during which our Patron Saint, Santa Marta, will be held on the shoulders of the "festers" from the "Marinos" and "Mercaders" Companies. Santa Marta will be accompanied by the authorities and followed by all the devotees willing to accompany her. At 1 AM. On the beach (Playa Centro), the traditional fireworks "CASTELL DE FOCS ARTIFICIALS DE SANTA MARTA"

At 1 PM. Market Esplanade, PAELLA CONTEST, in which the different companies will be accompanied by music bands.

Wednesday, 31st July.
At 8.30 PM. Children's COACH PARADE through the streets of the city centre.

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Plenty to see and do around this museum.
There are large machines and a cart to be seen, from which chocolate was once manufactured. Once inside there are two programmed tours, the thematic tour and the chronological tour. The first tour shows the commerce, consumption, packaging, the raw materials, chocolates and their moulds. The chronological tour shows the three factories of the XIX and the XX centuries. The visit finalises with the modern installations and a tasting session.

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