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Mora Olive Festival 2013
Toledo, Spain
The Ten Best Cities to Visit in Spain
The Best Places to Visit in Spain
The ten best places to visit in Spain
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Mora Olive Festival
Toledo, Spain
Mora Olive Festival
27th,28th,29th April 2013
Big party fiesta in Mora, Toledo to celebrate the humble olive.
Feast of the Olive


In Mora it was usual at the end of the olive harvest to invite local people who had formed the 'gangs' who collected the olives to the olive groves for a meal in the field or a dinner at the home of owner. There would then be parties and dancing through the night.
A farmer Olive grower by the name of  Moracho, D. José Fernández-Martín-Maestro Cabrera back in 1957, who took the initiative to celebrate the end of the olive harvest in a joint, rather than each gang individually as was done previously. This proposal was raised at City Hall who seconded the idea and went to work to organize this party, thereby achieving revelry and riots transform the different gangs, in a popular party and collectively, causing the origin of a single party which was renamed Feast of the Olive.
La Fiesta

Since then the Feast of the Olive has gained in popularity and fame to provincial and even national level, and result, in the year 1966 was declared of National Tourist Interest by the then Ministry of Information and Tourism.



Mora Olive  festival
One of the most popular places to visit in Spain; Toledo is packed with the greatest wealth of monuments. Toledo is known as the “city of the three cultures”, because Christians, Arabs and Jews lived together there for centuries, In Toledo you will find an artistic and cultural legacy in the form of churches, palaces, fortresses, mosques and synagogues.
Popular tourist attractions in Toledo Spain

Toledo Cathedral. Toledo
An excellent example of Spanish Gothic art. The temple dates back many centuries, but has only existed as a Christian church since the nineteenth century.

Cathedral Treasure-Museum. Toledo
Located in the Cathedral, it includes several interesting areas, such as the Treasury-Reliquary, Chapter House, Sacristy, Choir and Chancel.

Taller del Moro Museum, Toledo. Toledo
Located in the only 14th-century civil building still remaining in Toledo, the museum contains a collection of 14th-15th century Mudéjar ceramic and tile work from Toledo; hand-crafted wood items, especially pieces used in old homes, such as carved (...)

Museum of Visigothic Councils and Culture. Toledo
Remembering the Visigoths. The museum contains treasures and replicas of other pieces from this civilisation, who lived in Toledo for centuries.

Fuensalida Palace. Toledo
Isabel of Portugal's last residence (wife of Charles V). Built in the fifteenth century by the first count of Fuensalida. The house's heraldic shields appear on the building's façade.

Church of Santo Tomé. Toledo
It is home to the famous painting by El Greco, the Burial of the Count of Orgaz.. Church with a Mudéjar tower dating from the 14th century.

Toledo Army Museum. Toledo
This museum is located in Toledo's Fortress , and has an important collection. Special mention should be made of artillery from medieval times and the Los Austrias period, old weapons (knives, swords and firearms),

Toledo Fortress. Toledo
This is the present site of the city's Army Museum. The building dates back to the Roman period. Under the rule of Alfonso VI and Alfonso X the Wise the building was rebuilt, becoming the first fortress to have a square floor plan with towers on each (...)

Toledo Museum of Contemporary Art. Toledo
Set in Casa de las Cadenas House. An exhibition of 20th-century works of art in beautiful 16th-century surroundings.. The museum has paintings, sculpture, drawings and engravings by various 20th-century artists such as Antonio López,

El Greco House-Museum. Toledo
The life and work of a brilliant painter. This museum has an extensive collection of paintings by this artist of the Spanish Golden Age.



 Events and Activities

The Mora Olive Oil festival has grown over they years to include cultural activities such as the national competitions of painting and poetry, or contests Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Pruning. Also other activities and competitions held locally, as the literary and plastic contests aimed at schoolchildren, or the Skill Contest with Tractor where farmers show their driving skills. During the days of celebration of the Feast, you can enjoy countless exhibitions: typical clothing and utensils, oil, paint, agricultural and industrial machinery. Undoubtedly, the most important festive occasion of the Feast of the Olive has been since its inception, the "Contest Parade Floats and Decked Car", built for months that the various associations and clubs, which together with the folk groups from entire geography make up a color picture, and classical and traditional, which is seen and applauded by thousands of morachos and visitors.
Tourist offices in Spain
Oficina de Turismo de Mora
Castillo, 26
Mora (Toledo)

Contact details
Tel.: +34 925322042
Tourist offices in Spain
Oficina de Turismo de Toledo
(Plaza del Consistorio)

Plaza del Consistorio, 1
Toledo (Toledo)

Contact details
Tel.: +34 925254030
Fax.: +34 925255946


Mora Olive Oil Festival Toledo Spain



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