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San Frolian Fiestas, Lugo, Galicia
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San Froilán Fiestas Lugo, Galicia
4 to 12 October 2012

Held since1754 the San Froilán Fiestas in
Lugo, Galicia have become one of the most important events in Spain.

Between 4 to 12 October Lugo holds its San Froilán Fiestas, with the whole community involved. Two of the most important days in these events are the 5 October, which are the religious celebrations in honour of the patron saint, San Froilán; and the following Sunday, known as “O Domingo das Mozas”, on which day traditional Galician costumes and folklore are to the fore.
During these very special events there are a series of parades through the city, with "big-heads", brass bands, street markets and magic shows, juggling and street entertainment.

Children play a special role in the celebrations, with "San Froilanciño", a range of activities organised for the younger ones including traditional games, chess competitions, theatre productions and the International Puppet Festival, where you can see the oldest puppets in Spain. The fiestas come to an end 12 October with the Medieval Fair: the Cathedral square and the area around the Roman city wall are turned into a typical Medieval market, with an array of jongleurs, knights, demonstrations of falconry and traditional trades, and, of course, a medieval banquet is also held. In the evening, a stunning firework display brings the celebrations to a close until the following year.

From Oct 4, 2011 to Oct 12, 2011

Lugo (Lugo)



 Tourist offices in Spain
Centro de Información y Atención al Peregrino de Lugo (D.C. Participación Ciudadana)
Ronda da Muralla
Lugo (Lugo)

Tel.: +34 982297262

Tourist offices in Spain
Oficina Municipal de Turismo de Lugo
Praza do Campo 11
Lugo (Lugo)

Tel.: +34 982297347/ +34 982251658












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