Sant Lorenc Fiesta Alaior/ Menorca
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Sant Lorenc Fiesta
9th to 11th  2013 August Spain 
(2nd weekend in August)
Fiestas de Sant Llorenç de Alaior
Alaior/ Menorca.  Alaior celebrate its local fiesta of Sant Llorenç (San Lorenzo), although in fact Santa Eulália is the patron saint of the town.  Of particular note, is the parade on Sunday evening with imaginatively decorated floats and carnival Giants.
 Alaior, Menorca, holds a fiesta which in addition to the usual faire includes horsemanship skills.
 Festival of St. Lawrence 2013.

official town hall guide in Spanish
(still waiting for 2013 poster)

Sant Llorenç de Alaior

The festival of Mahon, are called to honour the patron saint of the parish of Sant Llorenç de Binixems, founded by Jaume II in 1301 and which have their origin these festivals. was held on the second weekend of August, immediately following Sant Llorenç day on 10 August. Alaior The holidays are celebrations themselves, as the patron saint of the town is Santa Eulalia (12 February). Among the religious and recreational events involving the caixers and cavallers adorned the backs of their horses, one of the most prominent are the corregudes (races) of horses is Cós, a city tour straight and suitable for this activity and takes place on the Monday following the holiday weekend. Traditionally, in these corregudes participating horses and donkeys. In 2002 were recovered popular foot races. Also worth noting the unique and dazzling floats parade through the main streets of the city on Sunday afternoon party, when you have retired and the cavalcade (ride) of caixers and cavallers , a parade involving the appreciated Alaior large heads


8 30pm – The Flag and ‘Primer Toc’
The official part of the fiesta as The mayor of Alaior hands over the fiesta flag to the Caixer Fadrí and the drum and whistle is played for the first time in front of the mayor and the crowds. The flag is then taken to the town hall for keeping till the following day.


4 30pm – Start of Fiesta
The Fabioler (flute player) goes to the Town Hall to ask permission to start to collect the cavalcade.

4 45pm - Ringing of the Bells & Parade of Giants
Everyone knows that the fun is about to start when fiesta bells are rung and the  Band of Migjorn Gran begins to parade through the town with els gegants i capgrossos, the giants and big heads.

5pm – Es Replec & Sa Qualcada
Next the Fabioler goes to collect the Caixer Fadrí from his home, on horseback they both go to the council to ask permission from to start the fiesta, and start to round up the horses around town. Following tradition they collect the flag of Sant Llorenç and then lap the town collecting the rest of the horses and riders that make up the cavalcade known as la Qualcada.

Once all the horses have joined the cavalcade they proceed to collect the priest, Caixer Capellà then they proceed to collect the Caixer Batle who presides over the cavalcade and fiestas. The cavalcade once complete laps the town then heads to the hermitage (church) of Sant Pere Nou.

8pm– Celebració de les Solemnes Completes
The riders leave their horses and walk  to the religious ceremony in honour of Sant Llorenç in the Ermitage de Sant Pere Nou.

9pm – Jaleo en Sa Plaça
The horses and riders participate in the first Jaleo of the fiestas amongst the crowds.

Following this the cavalcade completes es Caragol, which is the lap around the central streets of the town including then the Caixer Capellà and Caixer Batlé head home.

Sa Beguda
The evening supper and reception for the horse riders follows and then cavalcade retires for the evening.


9am – Alegre Diana & Parade of Giants
The band wakes the town up first thing in the morning to start the day of the fiestas accompanied once again by the Giants.

9 30am – Es Replec de Sa Qualcada
The Fabioler starts the day again with the same start from the evening before collecting the caixers, caixeres, flag and horseriders round town finishing with the Caixer Batlé.

10 30am – Missa Solemne de Caixers
Next the riders head on foot to the church of Sant Eulália for mass Missa Solemne, with the caixers and authorities. Rosewater is passed on at this mass and is known as l’aigua-ros.

Mid day – Jaleo a Sa Plaça
The cavalcade laps around town once again before returning to the plaça where the Jaleo is played and the riders are given symbolic green reeds and silver spoons.

The cavalcade accompanies the Caixer Batle to the Town Hall and the Caixer Capellà home. The Flag is also returned to the Town Hall and the cavalcade retires.

During the afternoon the riders uphold the tradition of distributing the rose water to houses around town.2

8 30pm – Parade of Floats
Parade of floats through the town each year a different theme. A tradition specific to Alaior which always includes the Giants, the band and other floats and figures.
Phone:+34 971 363 790


Tourist offices in Spain
Oficina de Turismo de Mahón Centro
Estación Central de Autobuses, Avenida J. Anselmo Clavé esquina Plaça Explanada s/n
Maó (Minorca)
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Tel.: +34 971363790