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Wild Wolf Experience

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Wild Wolf Experience.

Life- long naturalists John and Margaret Hallowell run responsible, inspiring wolf-watching tours in the Sierra de la Culebra throughout the year. This area of Zamora offers one of the best opportunities to see wolf in Europe. Members of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, they are campaigning to stop the legal trophy hunting of wild wolves in Spain. Their aim is to give people an insight into the life of this iconic predator ...and hopefully a wild wolf experience!



Join them on an exciting tour which includes morning and evening wolf-watches, plus tracking in the forests for signs of the animals.

A visit to Villafafila Nature Reserve to see Europe’s heaviest flying bird, the Great Bustard, plus several more species! A trip in to Portugal to the mighty Douro Gorge- a haven for vultures and eagles! Daily local excursions to sample the rural culture of this area.


Tours are available every month of the year…dates are arranged to suit you!  John and Margaret are your contacts throughout all your arrangements and during your tour.  As well as wolf, they hope to show you wild boar, otter, red and roe deer, lots of reptiles and amphibians, while experiencing the bio-diversity of the Sierra de la Culebra.

Other tours offered by Wild Wolf Experience are:

 Looking for Lynx

tracking the beautiful Iberian Lynx, the most highly-endangered wildcat in the world,


Browsing for Bears

looking for the Cantabrian Brown Bear amidst the stunning scenery of the Somiedo Natural Park,

Cantabrian Bears 
			in the wild Spain wild bears

The Extremadura Experience which highlights the raptors amongst the myriad of other stunning avian species to be spotted in the beautiful surroundings of Extremadura.


Email us on our site:   www.wildwolfexperience.com

Follow our blog and see up-to-date trip reports and photographs via wildwolfexperience.blogspot.com.